How to use magic to make your events stand out?

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In-person events are back! Make your next one stand out with the help of  a magician.

It’s been a rollercoaster two years for everyone in the events industry. Although Zoom calls and virtual events are still happening, things are getting back to normal with in-person events. If you want your event to be really memorable, adding magic at a magician is a brilliant way to achieve that.

Darren Delaney is a corporate event magician. If you’re organising a company event, here are 5 ways he can use his magic to make it really memorable.

Drinks receptions

Close-up magic will create a buzz in the room from the start of your drinks event, and leave everybody talking about it for a long time afterwards. Darren will mingle with guests and perform the kind of magic you usually see on TV – but right in front of their eyes with no camera tricks involved!

At networking events where people don’t know each other well, this is a great way to get everybody talking and making new connections.

Dinner Events

Avoid the lulls between courses with a magic performance at each table while your guests are waiting to eat. A perfect way to keep the energy going through the evening, and give people plenty to talk about over dinner.

Private Dining

Hosting a smaller dinner for VIPs or special clients? Treat them to a magic show between courses or after dinner. With Darren’s incredible mix of comedy, magic and mind-reading, they’ll remember your event for a long time afterwards.

Magical Event Host

Want to make your awards ceremony extra special? Darren will act as your host for the night, with added magic. He’ll even incorporate your brand and company messages into his performances.

Virtual Events

If you’re still working from home, or need to arrange an online event, you can still book Darren as a virtual magician. Darren’s virtual shows are interactive – he’ll read your mind, even though you’re not in the same room. I know, like actual magic!

If you want your next company event to be magical, visit, or email

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