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    Can company culture survive another Covid winter?

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    Now more than ever, boosting staff engagement and morale is absolutely imperative and it is important for the whole team to stay connected. Digital marketing agency Spindogs has been working hard to keep its entire team engaged since the start of the pandemic. Amanda Williams, Community Coordinator at Spindogs shares her top tips for motivating […]

    Top tech tips to tackle cyber risks posted by hybrid working

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    As workers have been urged to “return to work gradually”, IT experts have revealed the cyber risks faced to businesses operating a hybrid working model and how they can tackle them. Remote working creates challenges for IT services and cyber security as many working away from the office can often be without the data and network protection they may have at work. A businesses IT support […]

    How to deal with Imposter Syndrome in the workplace

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    Do you ever sit down at your desk in the morning and think to yourself, ‘What am I doing here? I don’t belong in this job. Am I a fraud?’ Well, if you do, you’ll be glad to know that you’re not alone. 62% of UK adults experience what is more commonly known as ‘imposter […]

    People who most need mental health support struggle to get it

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    There are a lot of support services that offer mental health support, however many do not cater for more complex and enduring mental health issues, such as severe depression, trauma and psychiatric disorders. Many support services are only limited to mild to moderate mental health issues, such as low mood and anxiety, for instance via […]

    Businesses still not prioritising sustainable business travel post-Covid

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    The findings of a new survey to understand current attitudes towards building back business travel post-pandemic has revealed that only 11 per cent of businesses are prioritising sustainable business travel, despite increasing demand from employees. The survey of 1,022 UK employees and 250 employers was carried out by spend management specialist Emburse. It asked questions […]

    Lost work property: Everything you need to know

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    After a year of working from home, employees across the UK are getting used to travelling into the office again.  No longer is the morning commute a short trip from the bedroom to the kitchen table, home office or garden shed. We’re back in the office two or three days a week and many of […]

    How regularly updated equipment, perks, and vehicles shows employees their true worth

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    Working eight to ten hours a day, sitting at a desk or behind a steering wheel, is undoubtedly no easy task. After a while, as tiredness and fatigue kick in, employees may very well switch off and become disengaged. A workplace that has cheap and outdated equipment will only accelerate staff disenchantment. It also hinders […]

    World Mental Health Day: 14 ways to help your staff’s mental health this winter

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    By Thom Dennis, CEO at Serenity in Leadership World Mental Health Day (10th of October) is nearly upon us and after unprecedented global change and trauma, where many of us became ill, developed long term chronic symptoms, lost loved ones, lost jobs, weren’t able to socialise, had to home educate our children, developed an increasingly […]

    Employers need to rethink office strategies to retain staff

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    With a diminishing talent pool, employers need to rethink the workplace to retain staff, according to Will Kinnear, director at flexible workspace specialist Hewn. He says: “The UK’s workforce was called back to the office, to return to business as usual for the start of the school year; for some this has been a welcome […]

    ‘Deluge of unhappy workers’ about to hit…

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    New research, ‘The Deluge of Unhappy Workers’, has revealed that employees are unhappier than ever post pandemic. The research was commissioned by Firstup, a leader in digital employee experience and shows a mounting dissatisfaction amongst workforces across the UK, US, Germany, Benelux and the Nordics, with employees feeling undervalued, uninformed, and ununified. A lack of […]