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Revamp your home office to welcome summer


With summer nearly here, now is the time to consider updating elements of your home office space to prepare for the new season. In this guide, we’ll offer some ways you can enhance your home office décor to embody the delightful feeling of summer, as well as tips for how to prepare your workspace for the summer season.

1. Add warmer colours

Colours that are airy, light, natural, vibrant, or bright are often associated with summertime. Exchanging gloomy, dark coloured items and décor for ones that brighten and lift the room will revive your work environment and promotes happiness and productivity.

Here are five easy ways you can incorporate summer colours into your home office decor.

  • Elevate with art – Incorporating colourful artwork and photographs to your office space is a simple way to bring the room’s personality to life. Ideas include framed photos of previous summer memories, abstract artwork, positive and motivational wall art, and images of nature, such as floral landscapes, beach destinations, or your favourite place to travel to in the summer.
  • Incorporate desk accessories – Adding stylish and colourful items to your desk brightens up your immediate workspace. Consider enhancing colours on your desk with accessories.
  • Display your books – Instead of stashing your books away, utilise the different spine colours and display your collection on a shelf. For an extra creative space, try arranging books to optimise the colours, such as organising your collection by shades to show off a rainbow or chromatic display.
  • Replace your chair – Coloured desk chairs are popular in home offices. Trading out a dark desk chair for one with colour is an easy way to instantly brighten your space. If a new desk chair is not in your budget, opt for a colourful pillow or throw to place on your existing chair instead.
  • Consider your computer screen – A free and effective way to personalise your space with colour is to change your computer background and screen saver to an image that reminds you of summer—like an abstract graphic, a floral pattern, or a personal photo that reminds you of summertime.

2. Decorate with plants 

Plants provide many benefits to an indoor space, such as improving air quality and reducing noise, but plants can also act as a natural décor element to introduce a visually attractive, summer aesthetic.

Introduce indoor plants such as palms, succulents, or ferns to naturally lighten up your office for summer. Flowers are another option for introducing colour and will make a perfect summer décor addition to your space. Flowers in season for summer include hydrangeas, dahlias, and sunflowers.

If you’re someone who finds it difficult to keep up with the maintenance of indoor plants, opt for artificial plants and flowers. This allows you to integrate a variety of colours, styles, vases and pots to create a blissful workspace.

3. Bring sunshine into your office 

Make use of the summer sunshine by replacing window coverings with light, flowy curtains to brighten up your space, such as linen curtains or non-blackout curtains.

You can still bring summer to your workspace even if you don’t have a window in your home office. Consider exchanging your office’s lightbulbs with ones that produce a natural white colour to give the room artificial summer sunlight. Lightbulbs with a natural white correlated colour temperature (CCT) are around 4000K-5000K (Kelvin) in temperature and are often used in a variety of workplace settings. This natural lightening helps you stay focused, and the blue tones help stimulate the mind.

Adding colour and natural elements to your workspace, such as greenery and sunlight, helps lift your home office’s energy and brings the outside environment to your inside space.

4. Rearrange your workspace

For many people, entering a new season signifies big change. To help revive your home office space from the cold and dark seasons of the past, transform the room by doing some rearranging. In addition, rearranging your home office set-up has many benefits—it can help spark creativity and reduce anxiety. If you decide to rearrange your home office for the new season, don’t forget to consider any potential glare from sunnier days ahead.

Updating your office space for the next season doesn’t always have to mean a complete redesign and redecorate. By making subtle changes, you can improve the décor and ambiance to refresh your home this summer. 

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