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Menopause leave pilots rejected by ministers

The Fourth Special Report – Menopause and the workplace: Government Response to the Committee’s First Report of Session 2022–2023, was published on 24 January. In the report, ministers have rejected a proposal from the Women and Equalities Committee to introduce ‘Menopause Leave’ pilots to support those going through menopause.

Many women need to however take time off work and would welcome proper leave and better support from their employers when they are suffering from debilitating menopause symptoms.

Digital health app Peppy, agrees that the Women and Equalities Committee is correct to draw attention to the issue of menopause in the workplace but believes that women will be better supported by receiving information, advice, and treatment for the symptoms, rather than being offered leave.

There’s a better alternative to menopause leave

Kathy Abernethy, Chief Nursing Officer and Director of Menopause Services, Peppy said: “While we welcome this focus on menopause as a workplace issue: approval of sick leave just isn’t the answer here. Many individuals do take time off work due to menopausal symptoms. Instead of leave, colleagues really need easy access to information and appropriate treatment to effectively manage those symptoms.

“Many workplaces can and do offer great support to women going through menopause. This is very important, but access to treatment – whether that is HRT, lifestyle changes, nutritional support or therapy approaches (or often all of these) – is essential. Workplaces that support their people to make informed decisions around treatment choices, may find that absence is far less common.”

About Peppy

Peppy is a digital health app that connects employees to real, human experts. It is changing the way employers care for their people, supporting under-served areas of healthcare. These include family and reproductive health, including trying to start a family, becoming a parent and going through menopause. Peppy offer specialist support for men’s health as well as women’s health.

When an employer gives its people Peppy, it connects them to real, human health experts over chat, live events and virtual consultations. Users can also access a wealth of on-demand, expert-created content, including videos, audio, articles and lifestyle courses.

Peppy helps employees take control of their health by giving them the information, answers and personalised support they need, at the touch of a button.

Over 250 leading UK employers and over one million individuals have access to life-changing support with Peppy. These include Clifford Chance, Marsh McLennan, Santander, the University of Sheffield and Wickes.

Over half of UK businesses are still not offering any menopause support to employees says Peppy.