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Harnessing the power of autumn for your well-being

power of autumn for wellbeing

As summer gracefully fades into autumn, nature undergoes a breathtaking transformation, and so can we. The shift from the sunny, carefree days of summer to the cosy, contemplative ambience of the autumn provides a unique opportunity to enhance our overall well-being and give us back (or invite in) some self-care rituals and routines. Lucy Eden, founder of Be In Your Element shares her advice on how to embrace the power of autumn for wellbeing.

Practice mindfulness

Autumn encourages introspection. The days grow shorter, inviting us to slow down, recharge and reflect. Take advantage of this natural inclination by incorporating mindfulness practices into your daily routine. Meditation, journaling and deep breathing exercises help you stay present and cultivate gratitude during this transitional period. Just with a few simple minutes set aside each day, can make a huge difference over time. Want to practice this with your team at work, why not try a mindfulness and meditation session to kick start your week and give you and your team the tools to practice this anytime, anywhere.

Embrace the changing colours

While the cooler temperatures may make it tempting to stay indoors, don’t let the change in weather deter you from physical activity. The sight of trees adorned with shades of red, orange and gold can have a profound impact on our mood. Enjoy the crisp autumn air during a walk, run or yoga session outside. Want to practice this with your team at work, why not arrange a wellness walk or yoga session in your lunchbreak to break the day up and get the body moving. Or get creative with a macrame autumn leaves workshop or art class.

Prioritise self-care

Take time for activities that bring you joy and relaxation. Weather that’s getting lost in a creative hobby or indulging in a spa day at home. Pampering yourself and giving yourself that all important ‘me time’ is crucial for maintaining your mental and emotional health. Want to practice this with your team at work, why not try an aromatherapy workshop to make your own spray or roller to uplift, re-balance or relax. Or learn how to make your own spa products for that spa day at home.

Connect with others

As the days grow shorter, it’s easy to become more introspective and isolate ourselves. However, maintaining social connections is vital to our overall well[1]being. Plan gatherings in and out of work. With World Mental Health Day just passed, on the 10th October celebrate that ‘Mental health is a universal human right’ and come together for ‘Tea & Talks’ Want to practice this with your team at work, why not try a tea making workshop and create the perfect space to get creative and get talking.

Transition from summer to autumn is not just a change in the seasons, but an opportunity for personal growth and well-being. Step into autumn with your well-being in mind, and you can’t put a foot wrong.

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