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App of the Week: DishRatings

AotW: DishRatings

A huge part of any assistant’s job is knowing which restaurants are best for meetings, a quick business lunch or an evening meal that’s set to impress potential clients. Many PAs rely on their network to suggest new places, but how do you find a place in a location that even your contacts haven’t tried before? That is where DishRatings comes in.

DishRatings on phone

DishRatings is an app that allows users to search, book and review restaurants. The idea of the app is that you can enter an area name or postcode and it will show you all of the available restaurants in that place. You add the filters that apply to you e.g. distance, party size and food type, then the app does the rest. Once you’ve found the perfect place, you can book directly from the app and receive instant confirmation, once the restaurant has made the reservation.

How does it work?

The app itself is similar to other food review apps, however, the small differences place  DishRatings ahead of its competition. Restaurants are reviewed as a whole but the review breakdown also allows you to view individual dish and drink reviews. Meaning that you can seamlessly pass on recommendations to your boss, confident in the knowledge that the dishes have been tried and tasted before.

The app is also kept up to date with the latest deals taking place at all of its user restaurants. So, if you are looking for a quick lunch for two and want to save some money, you will know which eatery to head to before leaving the office.

The app algorithm will also recommend top picks for the area you search and top dishes at your chosen restaurant.

The first time you book a table takes around a minute, because you have to enter contact details etc. However, once you’ve done this the once, the app remembers your details and the booking process becomes much quicker.

Confirmation of the booking can take a few moments due to the restaurant staff having to accept your booking. However, as soon as they have accepted your booking the app notifies you – saving any worry that your table might not be booked.

Can I use it at work?

Of course, the team behind the app have designed it to be very intuitive and ideal for PAs looking to try new places. The review system is surprisingly accurate and allowing users to see individual reviews quickly. Making it suitable for those who don’t usually feel confident using apps and those who are happy to try out new technology.

Find out more about how DishRatings could help you by clicking here:

Where can I use the app?

At the moment the app is still in its Beta stage, this means that it only covers restaurants around London’s Soho and Charlotte Street but with expansion on the horizon, we hope to see the app become a national sensation in no time.

The app currently holds:

  • 275 restaurants
  • 12,857 dishes
  • 55,158 ratings

Can I download the app?

The app is currently free to download and available on the Apple Appstore and Android PlayStore.


If you are a busy PA on the lookout for new and exciting restaurants in an area you might not know, then DishRatings is ideal. It allows users to find and book a trusted place in minutes, when before this could have been considered a jump into the dark. As the app expands and more places are added, it has the potential to become a very powerful weapon in the arsenal of every PA.