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App of the week: SideChef

Phone with SideChef app logo

You’re a busy professional, you have constantly got to be aware of everything in your life and your bosses life. At the end of a long day, it can feel like a chore having to cook for yourself and your family. Vincenzo Ferrara finds out how SideChef helps.

Phone with SideChef app logo

SideChef is a recipe guide app, I know it doesn’t sound like the most revolutionary app, but hang on. With over 10,000 recipes and more being added every day, it features a handy step by step guide to every recipe that can be controlled by voice command. With timers and how-to videos built into the app, it’s perfect for a chef at any level from a complete beginner to an experienced culinary whiz-kid.

As with nearly every cooking app, you can browse the recipes before you start cooking and even add items to a shopping basket, so you know what you need to buy, next time you go shopping.

SideChef Recipes

Logging on for the first time

When you log on for the first time, you are greeted by a world of colour and delicious looking food. The app then walks you through a quick tutorial, which takes around one minute to complete. At the end of the tutorial, you are asked to sign in and there are quick sign in options via Facebook and Google. Other accounts require email authorisation, which will take around 30 seconds longer to complete.

Something that really impressed us, was the option to choose the type of recipes you are looking for, from entering ingredients already in your fridge to discovering new healthy recipes. A useful tool in any cook’s arsenal.

What can I do on the app

It might seem a tad obvious but you can explore recipes from across the world, browse step by step recipes and cook using them. The in-built recipe timers and the hands-free cooking options are useful so you aren’t getting grubby fingers all over the screen of your device.

The shopping cart and menu options allow you to cater for specific needs, such as gluten-free recipes quickly and easy, then save items you need to shop for in the cart. Ideal if you don’t have a lot of time to sort through cupboards hoping to scrape something together.

It allows you to create personalised cookbooks of your favourite recipes, which are great for different occasions throughout the year. You can also plan in advance your recipes via a handy inbuilt calendar.

In-app articles are one of the extras you get once you have signed up for the app. With brilliant advice from ‘how to meal plan to save time and money’ to ‘cocktail classics’, it’s a dinner table delight.

Menu Screens on SideChef

Can I use it to host a dinner party?

Yes the app allows you to cater from one to however many people you need to feed. From quick food to something for the more sophisticated palette it is really useful. If you really want to impress, the app also gives you the option to find out more information on the ingredients you are cooking or the meals you prepare. So by the time you sit down to eat, you are an encyclopaedia of relevant food knowledge.

Within the APP SideChef

Can I download the app?

Downloading the app and setting an account up is currently free, with no plans in the pipeline to start charging.

The app is currently available on the Apple Appstore, Google PlayStore.

The overall

An app that allows you to take the stress out of cooking. Simple guides to recipes for every level. Great if you are a complete beginner or someone that loves to experiment in the kitchen. Catering to nearly all dietary needs and tastes. With recipes that will last you all year and specific seasonal meals. It’s an app everyone with a kitchen should own.