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Interview: Arctic Fox – Intelligent, sharp, adaptable

Arctic Fox Events

Having launched the PA Life Club, Aimee Harvey has started a new joint venture in the events management industry, with her company Arctic Fox Events. Here, she speaks to Jade Burke about her top tips for success.



You launched our PA Life Club – how does your current role differ to this? 

When I launched the PA Life Club my aim was to create a series of events with an intimate feel, so that the Club members got to experience and discover new venues. 

At Arctic Fox Events, a client’s event and brief can differ greatly as many are much larger in size. We aim to work as an extension of the client’s team and form a long-standing relationship built on trust. 

How has your career to date spurred you to launch your own company? 

I had been with Forum Events Ltd (PA Life’s parent company) for nine years and had worked in a variety of roles. I felt I had gained enough experience and knowledge to take the leap and launch a business in an industry I am passionate about. Organising events and sourcing venues had become second nature to me, so to co-own a company doing just that on a day-to-day basis is a dream. 

Can you tell us about the ‘foxes’ – who are the names behind the company?  

There are four ‘foxes’ who have worked in the industry for more than 20 years. Myself and Nicky Brown are running the day-to-day operations with Sarah Beall and Gill McCaughay, our business partners working behind the scenes. 

What tips can you give assistants looking for new venues?

Do not write off a venue until you have seen it. Site visits are key; you can get the true feel for a space once you have seen it in the flesh. Look outside of your comfort zone as there are new venues opening all the time or older properties being refurbished. Also, have a list of ‘must haves’ and if they don’t seem to be included by the venue, ask if they can be.

What do you look for when sourcing venues?

The venue needs to tick all the boxes for the client and have a way of bringing together each aspect of their event. The tick list for each venue sourced will be different depending on what the client requires for that event, be it outside space, heaps of natural daylight, sophisticated AV or the perfect dining room for a private dinner. 

What inspired the name ‘Arctic Fox Events’?

We wanted something memorable and liked the idea of an animal that uses camouflage to blend in to its environment, which the arctic fox does. They are also known as animals that can withstand the elements and we thought that represented the team and working in events.