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Banish clutter and introduce colour with Avery ColorStak

Avery ColorStak products on a clutter-free desk

Do you love your workspace? Ask around and you’ll find there aren’t many of us who can proudly claim our desks to be an organised oasis of calm. Yet stationery brand Avery believes having a bright, clear and inspiring workspace plays an important role in working to the best of your ability. This belief is the driving force behind ColorStak, Avery’s brand new collection of stackable desktop accessories.

Available in blue, pink, green and black, the bright new ColorStak range adds a contemporary pop of colour to any workspace. There’s more to this collection than its cheerful colours though; it’s stackable too, allowing you to make the most of your desk surface space.

ColorStak includes letter trays, accessory trays and pen pots, all designed to stack on top of one another without the need for connecting risers. This stackable set up means desktop essentials such as pens, paperwork and notebooks can all be stored neatly, leaving a clear and clutter-free space to work from.

With mess banished and mood-boosting colours brightening your desk, you’ll be ready work to your full potential. Whether you work from home or at an office, you may just be surprised by how much the burden and distraction of a disorganised desk can negatively impact the way you work. Scientific studies have shown that the chaos of a cluttered environment actually restricts the ability to focus and limits the brain’s capacity to process information.

With ColorStak you can create a unique storage set up that works for your space, mixing different coloured accessories and stacking as high as you need to. The letter trays can even be stacked at a 90-degree angle or back to front depending on what suits your desk.

ColorStak accessories can be purchased individually or you can really get organised with the ColorStak Office Set, which includes a complete set of stackable accessories plus colour-coordinating scissors, pins, sticky notes and paperclips.

Prices start from £5.99 for a ColorStak Bits & Bobs Tray and there are various stockists to buy from. For more information on the ColorStak collection and stockist details, visit