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CHRISTMAS EVENT PLANNING: How to ditch the turkey

Maybe it’s time to ditch the turkey and pigs-in-blankets when it comes to the office party, says Mark Field, Operations Director at the Victory Services Club. Why not try bringing the flavours of European Christmas markets to your event?…

The working environment has changed and many of us now work in a more flexible and informal way. Not many wear a suit and tie to work and we are all embracing flexible hours and remote working. As our business culture evolves, so does what we expect from the company Christmas party.

There is still a demand for the formal traditional Christmas dinner – after all Christmas is a time for tradition! But now many companies look for a more informal and flexible approach. Having a diverse range of staff will impact on the type of Christmas party you hold, too. 

One option to consider is the Christmas Market. It’s easier than ever to travel and the European Christmas markets have never been so popular. We are an adventurous bunch so these offer us an accessible way to experience Christmas, but with a twist. 

The ambience, the tastes and the smells of the European Christmas market can be brought to life for your Christmas party. Imagine being able to sample freshly made French crêpes and Baeckeoffe (a classic French stew) or enjoy the traditional Bavarian Christmas specialities of Bratwurst with Curry Sauce or Pork Schnitzel with Jaeger Sauce. 

Having stalls of food dotted around your party room will enable your team to choose the things they like the look of, and to sample some new flavours. Guests can be as adventurous as they dare, and if something isn’t quite to their taste they can move onto the next stall. Chefs can be on hand to bring an element of theatre to the proceedings. 

Your guests will be able to mingle and talk to everyone as they move around the room, and the different food on offer is a perfect conversation starter. Food is a great leveller and talking about it can help bridge the gap between the CEO and the most junior staffer.  

You may wish to have some occasional tables in the room, or a few tables for the team to sit down at, but removing the formal dinner tables gives you more room for dancing and then enables you to create a better party atmosphere. 

Creating a more informal and interactive experience will help everyone relax and have fun – because after all, that’s what a Christmas party is all about.

Image by 昕 沈 from Pixabay