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    Five products to make you more efficient

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    A variety of timesaving tips, apps and devices to help under-pressure PAs get things done double quick

    The Livescribe Echo Smartpen digitally records your notes as you write them while recording audio and synchronising the two. The result is a set of notes which you can very easily review. Perfect for avoiding those times when you can?t decipher what that weird squiggle in your notebook actually means. Livescribe.com
    PomodoroPro You may have heard of the Pomodoro Technique which splits blocks of work into 25 minutes, with 5 of those being a break. The idea is that it makes you more productive, and the enduring appeal of the product must mean it works. Have a go using this stylish app. Itunes.apple.com
    Dropbox Backup all your documents and videos and share them with whoever needs access. Any file you save to your Dropbox becomes saved to all your computers, mobile phones and the Dropbox website which is very useful, as is the ability to create bespoke folders for each user you grant access. dropbox.com
    CamCard business card reader Download this app to take images of all your business cards that you or your boss end up with after a meeting. It then takes all the information and sorts it into your address book. You can even assign notes to each card. Very useful and a great timesaver. Itunes.apple.com
    BlueAnt Q2 Scarlet Bluetooth Headset Enjoy hands-free life with this mobile headset which allows you to store up to 2,000 mobile phone contacts. All the contacts can then be voice activated for speedy calling. The scarlet version looks fabulous! myblueant.com
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