From the desk of Penelope Alice, Britain’s most fabulous PA: The Making of Harry Potter Tour

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Like so many of my childhood friends, I went through a brief phase in my younger years when I wanted to be a wizard. That imaginative passion was reignited many years later when the wonderful world of Harry Potter came into being ? especially in film form. So I had to jump at the chance to tour the studio where the movie was made with my fellow PA Life readers.

Warner Brothers Studios in Leavesden features two buildings full of set pieces, costumes, props and concept art from all eight of the films at its The Making of Harry Potter tour. After a glass of bubbly, we all went into a holding room to find out what inspired the producers to make the movies before sitting down in a cinema to discover the venue?s capabilities for events.

I hadn?t even seen the exhibition yet and I was completely captivated by Events & Catering Manager Martin?s presentation. WB Studios offers a wide range of event options throughout the day, from breakfast before a morning tour to dinner in the famous Great Hall, where Harry and his friends ate their meals at Hogwarts. They also put on some fantastic Christmas parties and have a partnership with the nearby Grove Hotel for accommodation. I think this will go to the top of my list for this year?s celebration ? Mr P loves a bit of fun.

Overall we had an amazing time, starting with delicious bowl food and drinks in the Great Hall, surrounded by costumes and props. Then we had free reign to wander through the exhibition. I loved getting a look into the production of the films ? the hours that went into making the props, costumes, massive sets and special effects, not to mention the dedication of the make-up department. We even got to have our pictures taken on a broomstick against a green screen, which was fun despite the embarrassment of making a short video beforehand.

The most impressive part of the tour is by far the scale model of Hogwarts at the end. It?s amazing to think that this miniature building looks life-size on film.

I think my colleagues would love to do something a bit different for Christmas this year and I think this might be the ticket. Let?s hope Mr P is a fan. Check out the tour?s website at


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