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    With remote working becoming increasingly popular, office staff are often expected to work effectively while travelling to and from business meetings. David Watkins offers his advice for making the most of your rail journey. 


    Plan in advance to get a ‘fare’ price
    Buying a ticket at the last minute often comes with a price tag, but there are simple steps you can take to get the best fare. As a general rule, the more you plan and book in advance, the more you’ll save. Travelling outside of peak times is generally cheaper, and two singles are often less expensive than a return.

    Take your seat
    Avoid the last-minute stampede to the train by reserving your seat in advance; it will save you time, keep your journey hassle-free and means you can plan how best to make use of your time.

    Buy in bulk
    Buying tickets for seven days, a month or even longer can be done at the click of a mouse – it means no more queues for the ticket machine and you’ll be one step ahead of the crowd.

    Get app happy
    Why not use the free Train Tickets app? It not only acts as a no-fee booking tool, delivering a ticket direct to your mobile phone, but also works as a one-stop shop to look up train times – essential for business travellers on the move.

    Stay alert
    As people lead more hectic lives with ever-growing ‘to do’ lists, remembering to buy your train ticket can often slip to the bottom of the pile. Signing up to receive ticket alerts on your mobile device will give you a personal reminder to book your tickets in advance, crossing at least one thing off your list and keeping your business expenses down.

    Get up to date
    Check the live online departure boards before you head out the door. These will give you vital up-to-the-minute travel updates, allowing you to factor in any delays and work around them, or even make an earlier train.

    Travel in style
    The last thing you want when you arrive at work or at a business meeting is to feel stressed, so why not travel first class? You’ll find comfortable seating, more leg room and a selection of complimentary refreshments and free wifi access across a number of routes.

    Don’t forget to pack your charger
    As well as plenty of table space and ‘quiet zones’ for those who need to get their head down and crack on with work, there are handy power points on most services.

    Finish up on board
    If you often find yourself taking work home with you, use your train journey as an extension of your office to get as much done as possible before you reach the front door.

    Get the creative juices flowing
    Sometimes the best ideas come when you’re not working – and train journeys can provide a welcome break from the daily grind. You never know, you might just get the inspiration for that next genius business invention.

    David Watkin is the Commercial Director at CrossCountry Trains.

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