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Guest blog: An insight into the London PA Awards with Amy Law

Voting for the London PA Awards is now open

Nominations are now open for this year’s London PA Awards, an event designed to recognise and reward the hard-working assistants of the capital. We asked founder Amy Law to explain why she created this prestigious celebration

Many people have asked me since the launch of the London PA Awards back in 2014 why I did it. The response comes in the form of another question – have you ever seen what an average PA does in one day? Now see what an award-winning PA does. You will then have your answer, and you will want to show your appreciation.

It has been a pleasure for the last 15 years to interact with this powerful community that holds such diverse and variable roles, regularly tasked with “Anika Rice”-style challenges that would have seen many people dashing for their Lycra. These individuals have to glide like swans and have SAS-like endurance to get the task done.

It’s not all about last-minute deadlines and manic moments but can actually be about celebrating the individuals who we believe are the life blood of the organisation. The community that helps mentor, support, create more efficient systems and procedures, reduce costs through negotiation, or simply reflect the company ethos; the tasks that everyone within the organisation seems to know needs to be completed but are not quite sure how or who completes them. One individual always seems to be there, the unsung hero that takes this responsibility to heart and delivers with pride.

These are the people that the London PA Awards is seeking to recognise by creating a platform and a voice for them to be rewarded for their endeavours. Many of you reading this article will have had moments when this would have made all the difference in your career – to be given a chance to be recognised by your peers, colleagues, mentors and counterparts.

This is why the London PA Awards is run by a select group of previous winners, key members of the London business community and members of the PA and EA community. It is essential that the people judging the awards should know and appreciate the tasks and demands that are placed on the nominees and truly recognise the diversity and extra miles these people go.

It is incredibly hard to take praise and also to give applause in many cases, but when it is bestowed upon you as an individual there is no greater feeling of accomplishment than the belief that you have made an impact. How many times have you wanted to really say thank you and not known how? Or show your appreciation for how much that person has achieved? Maybe you have found a platform or forum before to express your appreciation and there has been a cost involved, you are not senior enough, or it is a long, complicated process.

The London PA Awards have made this process as simple and cost effective as possible. It’s free – it can’t be more cost effective than that.

We do require your time and effort, as anyone can nominate. We just need to know the reason for your nomination so that we can validate the application through contact. Just tell us their story and we will then be able to discover more.

When creating the London PA Awards, we wanted to develop a platform for individuals to be recognised, many of whom have gone to receive promotions, financial remuneration and even mentor roles from external organisation. We also wanted to create a support structure that will allow many to develop a private network that can facilitate a secure, educational and engaging community. To develop and grow their own personal network to allow additional resources to take on the ever-growing challenges that we all face in the business environment. Who knew you could have a networking event based around confidence and presentations, while having a burlesque lesson or simply engaging in a social engagement workshop prior to champagne tasting?

I know that you are all incredibly busy people that are probably organising a networking event, formatting a word document, or rearranging a meeting schedule while reading this article. Stop just for a moment; take some time to reflect and before you turn this page, think of the how you would feel if you were nominated. Do you know someone that should be? As Nike would say, “Just do it.” See you at the nominations party!

For further information or to nominate someone for an award, visit Nominations close at 6pm on 9 May.

AmyLawAmy Law, Head of Sales at the Hippodrome Casino, started the London PA Awards back in 2014 with founding sponsor the Hippodrome Casino, choosing to celebrate the incredible and invaluable roles of the PA community. She has more than 15 years’ experience and knowledge in hospitality and event sales working across the hotel, restaurant and bar sectors