Make sure to keep staff motivated to stay this winter

UK employees have well and truly returned from the Christmas break, leaving behind the festive cheer and coming back to the office with the winter blues. While some may find the motivation needed to make the best of their current role, others will be searching for new jobs.

Research shows that two out of five people start looking for a new career at the beginning of the year, which is why incentive schemes are so important right now. A staggering 87% of employees are less likely to leave if they feel engaged and appreciated by their firm. Here, Commercial Director of promotions and incentives at the Grass Roots Group Rebecca Calladine gives her best advice for keeping staff motivated.

Get to know the individuals in your team
Those who manage a group of people need to demonstrate that they recognise every member and the best way is to give the right incentives to each individual. This goes a long way to showing how much staff loyalty and commitment means to the company. Getting it wrong could kill morale and even insult the recipient.

It’s not all about money
There will always be situations when monetary bonuses are the best way to motivate a team. Sometimes however, such as at Christmas, a non-cash incentive is regarded as more thoughtful and can boost productivity.

Put some thought into it
Research shows that tangible rewards can increase employee output by as much as 22% and top performers are 39% more likely to consider non-cash incentives as a must-have. Money is typically spent on living expenses and doesn’t last long, but the memory of a great gift will leave an impression.

Make it count
It’s not always possible to please everyone at the office with a “one size fits all” gift. There are many factors to consider, such as religious and cultural beliefs, allergies and personal circumstances. Vouchers are the perfect solution and allow employees to pick out something they want or need.