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Meeting room management advice from Regus

An example of the meeting room space offered by Regus

Not every business is lucky enough to have a surplus of meeting room space. A more common scenario – particularly amongst small and medium-sized businesses – is the availability of just one meeting room that quickly gets booked up and is not always the most inspiring location for productive discussion.

Even if the room is available on a certain day, at a certain hour, the location may not be particularly convenient for travelling guests, or even for your own staff who may find themselves coming to the office just for the meeting when they could have been more productive elsewhere.

Thankfully, alternatives exist that present PAs with a far broader list of options in terms of location and availability. The UK has a network of flexible workspaces that provide a professional alternative to commuting to the office or to working from home, with its associated interruptions. Typically, these spaces include meeting rooms that can be hired by the hour.

Richard Morris, UK CEO of workplace provider Regus comments: “The way we work is changing and asking people to rigidly stick to one space in order to conduct meetings is increasingly old fashioned. By hiring meeting room space as and when required, PAs can ensure that the location is convenient to guests and can always accommodate preferred dates rather than asking people to change plans.

“Additionally, the latest flexible workspaces are highly impressive, beautifully designed and often situated in desirable locations. Using these sites as a base for meetings may help businesses to create a more dynamic impression.

“Even if the meeting is only for internal purposes, a change of location can help to inspire participants and drive creative ideas. Ultimately, PAs should not feel restricted by the options available to them at the main office. Thinking flexibly can help to free diaries, foster discussion and drive growth.”