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    What ‘hybrid working’ could mean for the UK workforce

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    Sridhar Iyengar, MD at Zoho Europe responds to the proposed law change to make it impossible to force workers back into the office… “As society reopens and the pandemic subsides for what is hopefully the last time, we can expect a majority of workforces to continue operations on a ‘hybrid’ basis – that is, taking […]

    UK employees ‘not equipped’ to work from home permanently

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    Following the news that numerous blue-chip businesses, such as KPMG and Ernst & Young, have adopted a permanent hybrid working model, new research indicates that workers do not feel they have the tools or technology they need to work from home. The Global Working From Home Survey, commissioned by employee wellbeing specialist WRKIT, has found that […]

    Research: Only 30% Of Companies Will Embrace A Full Return-To-Office Model Post-Pandemic

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    While many business leaders are drawn to vaccine passports as a solution to bring their workforces back to the office full-time, Forrester predicts that 70% of US and European companies will pivot to a hybrid work model post-pandemic. In a hybrid model setup, at least some employees can work anywhere they want for two or more […]

    Will the office environment ever be the same again?

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    Are you planning to return to an office any time soon? With the Government’s work from home guidance set to end in England on June 21st, many businesses will be busy forming plans for what their workplaces might look like in the immediate future. The events of the past year or so have forced change […]

    Prove you’ve had vaccine before we come back, say office workers

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    A third of office workers think people should have the vaccine and prove it before returning to the office – and a further 24% agree that people should have the vaccine, but don’t think you can ask for Covid vaccine certificates. That’s according to a survey by office property agents O&A Property, with the findings […]

    Expert Insight: Hybrid Working is the future for UK’s biggest employers

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    Further to new reports by the BBC that almost all 50 of the UK’s biggest employers have said they do not plan to bring staff back to the office full-time, a selection of industry experts reveal their thoughts on the future of hybrid working… Hybrid working will lead to a better, more balanced existence The […]

    How will hybrid working affect the UK workforce?

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    By Stuart Duff, Partner and Head of Development at Pearn Kandola    The Covid-19 pandemic has been the biggest disruptor to the global workforce since the Industrial Revolution. The advent of mass remote working – as the norm – over the past year has enabled our work and home lives to coexist in ways which were unimaginable […]

    Majority of people want a hybrid office/home worklife post-Covid

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    Another week, another survey into employee attitudes to working from home/returning to the office… And this time, we learn that nearly all employees who are working from home (97%) prefer to keep working from home, even when offices are open, according to respondents in the third round of a joint research conducted by Nyenrode Business […]

    More than a third of companies will move to smaller offices in 2021

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    2021 will be the year of the smaller office, predicts serviced office broker FreeOfficeFinder. The company reports that more than a third of companies (35%) that enquired about office space in January and February have said they would be taking smaller offices than their previous workspaces. They follow in the footsteps of the likes of HSBC and […]

    A hybrid workplace? Five things you should know before you make the shift

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    By Alan Price, CEO of BrightHR A recent survey by the British Council for Offices shows that participants favoured not only working from the office but also from home, creating a ‘hybrid’ working arrangement which could soon take the spotlight from traditional working norms. Before making the shift to hybrid working, here are five things […]

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