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Spotlight on Terry Farthing, MD & Founder of London Jet Charter

Terry Farthing is the Managing Director and Founder of London Jet Charter, a private aviation management company. London Jet Charter has been arranging private flights and providing first-class service to their clients since 2014.

Based at London, Stansted Airport, Farthing and his team offer the widest range of airports and luxury aircraft imaginable, from four-seater turboprops and executive helicopters to Boeing 747s – complete with your own company branding on the exterior. Whether you are flying out to small private airstrips or international hub airports, London Jet Charter can take care of not only the flight, but also VIP door to door service.

Having built trusted relationships with a whole host of industry related partners, Farthing believes that London Jet Charter is all you need to arrange your private air travel.

Undoubtedly, things have changed with air travel since COVID-19, and whilst the pleasure and luxury of flying privately is still unmatched, there is now the legitimate concern of health and safety whilst flying, and protecting yourself, and potentially your business from contamination.

London Jet Charter has the answer – with the use of exclusive private guest lounges at the airport, you can schedule a private meeting before you and your passengers board. Of course, if you prefer you can simply arrive moments before take-off and use the private jet as your office, in total confidence that the aircraft has been fully decontaminated and meticulously sanitised before boarding.

Businesses are being encouraged to get back to normal, but there is a new normal and it involves a smarter way of working and travelling. With London Jet Charter there are no queues, no turning up hours in advance, and no crowds stepping into your space.

Reduce the risk and increase productivity and comfort and arrange your next business flight with London Jet Charter – for those who fly smarter.