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SUMMER PARTIES: Supplier Roundup

From the 12th April outdoor attractions will reopen and hospitality venues will be able to make use of their outdoor spaces again.

On LinkedIn we asked ‘what are you most looking forward to at this year’s summer party?’ 51% said socialising, 27% replied summer weather, 16% said BBQ and cocktails, while 6% responded other with suggestions including all of the above, bare feet on the grass and bees.

In addition, on Twitter we asked ‘when are you looking to book your summer party?’ Results showed 33% are not planning on hosting one this year but 67% said they would book once lockdown eases.

Now we have been given the green light, here are some of our recommended options:


Following the latest update, it’s safe to say we’re feeling excited and positive for the summertime. With events set to return this May, it’s time to start planning for in-person events (finally!) and that’s where Drayton can help!

Drayton work as an extension of your events and marketing team to help create a complete brand experience. Their role is to match merchandise material and gifting to your events, audience and market to produce maximum advertising exposure and promotional effect.

To get the ball rolling, send Drayton details of your event – whether simply a theme or as extensive as a brief & budget. They will then begin creating ideas specifically for you and your brand.

Drayton are the Brand Tailors of the promotional world, dressing up anything from a peanut to a marquee with your brand and message.

Regent’s Conferences & Events

Regent’s Conferences & Events offers four acres of landscaped private grounds in Regent’s Park – a true hidden gem for summer parties in the heart of the capital.

Presenting a solution for large-scale events unlike any other in London, Regent’s’ offers a country feel in the centre of the city, comprising of pristine lawns and lush foliage with an elegant, ivory-lined marquee in the summer months for parties of up to 1,200 guests.

The expansive space aids a limitless range of activities, from boot camp challenges, inflatable assault courses and wellness retreats, to funfair stalls with a mouth-watering array of catering treats. Street food stalls and innovative BBQ options are among client favourites!

The University of London Senate House

Safety for outdoor events is the most crucial aspect of event planning during the COVID-19 pandemic and it goes without saying that this should be the highest priority.

While outdoor events are deemed safer due to the natural ventilation and extra space allowing for easier social distancing, you will also need to take extra precautions to ensure all your guests stay safe.

The University of London Senate House, a member of Academic Venue Solutions, has outdoor gardens available for hire in conjunction with their indoor spaces. Their range of central London venues includes three green outdoor spaces – Gordon Square, Woburn Square and Malet Street Gardens, and are ideal for summer parties or team building events.

Take the Mike

At Take the Mike, they believe a good laugh boosts the immune system and energises staff during lockdown!

So, they have lined up leading West End comedians for a stand-up comedy show special to benefit your organisation and its staff.

Employees simply login through Zoom and can enjoy live performances safely from home.

This laugh-in, show takes place on Friday 19th March 2021 at 8pm with the aim to engage and motivate staff, and boost productivity during challenging times. Dare you miss it?

At Take the Mike, they believe timely rewards or incentives can make the difference to improving productivity and staff wellbeing within your sector. They can stream corporate events to celebrate achievement, reward loyalty or build teamwork. The choice is yours!

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