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TEAM-BUILDING: Here’s a virtual pub quiz question for you all…

Q: What virtual activity has multiple participants, encourages workplace productivity and motivation, and grew significantly in popularity in Spring 2020?
A: The company Zoom pub quiz night, of course!

Virtual quizzes, a game of rounders in the ‘old days’, race meets, and more… Any regular reader of PA Life will know that team-building is an ever-green topic for us to discuss. And for good reason.

We all know the benefits that team-building activities bring to companies and other organisations – but in case you need a reminder (or your exec needs one), they include:-

  • Boosting morale
  • Greater communication between teams
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved mental health and wellbeing
  • A reward for hard work
  • An opportunity for staff to ‘let down their hair’
  • A celebration of company culture
  • And much, much more…

Of course, in the past year all aspects of working life have changed dramatically – including how companies host team-building events in a digital world. Thankfully, event agencies and other suppliers were swift to adapt and a whole host of virtual experiences are now available.

There are many more options to consider than the standard Zoom pub quiz of the first lockdown (although, there’s nothing wrong with this as format, of course!). From virtual cocktail-making classes, to race nights, to magic shows and beyond, there’s something available for all budgets and tastes. Just check out Champion Team-Building Suppliers to discover a range of options.

And throughout this month, we’ll be highlighting more ideas for keeping staff engaged and motivated – including some options for when the sun comes out and we can all (fingers crossed) meet up again in person.

And in the meantime, if you have any top tips for organising a team-building event, let us know. Contact me via