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The Meetings Show Tomorrow’s Talent Winner spotlight: Narmeen Kamran, Desert Island Events

The Meetings Show recently announced the winners of its Tomorrow’s Talent competition, an initiative which aims to champion talented newcomers to the industry and provide a platform for nurturing, mentoring and supporting the industry leaders of the future.

Over the coming days, PA Life will throw the spotlight on each of the winners, continuing with Narmeen Kamran…

Narmeen Kamran, an experienced event manager, launched Desert Island Events ahead of the UK’s second COVID-19 lockdown. To highlight the industry’s creative heart in trying times the podcast features Kamran talking to practiced professionals – some big names among them – about how to they would make their dream event happen. Think Chicago Olympics Opening Ceremony with Nicole Roames or Fyre Festival Done Right with Keneisha Williams by way of example.

What does it mean to be a Tomorrow’s Talent 2021 winner?

It means so much after the year I have had! My career has just taken so many twists and turns it’s amazing to be recognised. It gives you the motivation to keep doing what you’re doing.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced this past year, with regards to your career?

Thinking what I was going to do next. I lost my job in July 2020 when there were few opportunities in the industry, so I took some time out to travel.

What do you love most about the sector?

I love creating amazing experiences for clients and their guests because this industry is about people, which we sometimes forget. People not only having the best time at our events but also the supportive community I have found that has helped me through the last year.

The Meetings Show takes place on September 30th and October 1st at ExCeL London. To find out more and register to attend, click here.