Top 10 New Year resolutions: tips and ideas

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It’s the start of a new year and the perfect time to make some important life changes, so here’s PA Life’s pick of the top resolutions. Develop your skills: Experience alone isn’t always enough to guarantee a move up the career ladder, so PA Life has launched a series of training courses specifically for personal assistants (pictured). Topics covered include career development, time and project management, improving communication skills and how to run successful events.

Eat healthily
After the over-indulgence of the holidays, it can be difficult to get back on track and follow a nutritious diet. Joe & Seph’s award-winning popcorn is air-popped to make it healthier and give it a better texture and taste. Its 34 delicious flavours range from Gin & Tonic to Cheese On Toast and it makes a great desk snack.

Get fit
Ever the popular resolution, getting in shape seems to be one of the hardest to maintain. The Yoga Team offers a solution to fitting in a trip to the gym around work by providing individual or small group sessions that are tailored to your needs. Classes are available in London and Surrey from £75 a class.

Go green
Everybody likes to do their part in conserving our planet’s precious environment and there are plenty of ways to go green in the office. Avery aims to make all of its products eco-friendly and its range of desktop organisers is no exception. Each accessory is made from 100% recycled plastic.

Learn a new language
In today’s global business world, the ability to speak a second – or even a third – language is highly advantageous. The Rosetta Stone family of software uses an immersion method to make the user think in a new tongue and speak it from the first lesson, allowing you to learn conversational phrases quickly.

Create a network
As most of our readers will know, building a network of fellow assistants is crucial to improving your skills as a PA. That’s why we’ve created the PA Life Club – to help you find other professionals with whom you can share knowledge through exclusive members’-only events. Join today for only £79.

Read more
So you’ve decided to read in your free time, but find that carrying a book isn’t always convenient. The Amazon Kindle provides a handy outlet for your literary needs with its slim, lightweight design. At less than 170g, it holds up to 1,400 books and its display looks like paper. Plus, you can buy cute cases for it to match your handbag.

Take cooking classes
If you’ve made the decision to stop getting so many takeaways and learn to cook, attending a cookery class is the best way to do it. Aveqia offers private tutorials at its London-based kitchen with chefs from around the world, so you’ll take home the knowledge needed to cook for yourself.

Quit smoking
Whatever your reason for kicking the habit, Nicorette’s range of aids contains nicotine to help curb your cravings without the harmful chemicals of cigarettes. Its new QuickMist spray delivers fast relief and has been clinically proven to double your chances of quitting.

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