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What does your phone home screen reveal about your personality…?

It’s been revealed that how you organise your smartphone can say a lot about your personality, with the average phone having over 80 apps. But what does the way you organise your home screen say about you?

Experts at online smartphone retailer,, alongside Business Psychologist, Sonya Dineva, reveal what your home screen says about your personality…

All your apps are in folders
If you organise your apps into different folders, order alphabetically or even colour code your apps, it suggests you’re a highly organised individual. Sonya Dineva, says: “People who like to organise their apps like this usually have an elevated need for control. They need order and structure in their lives, predictability and plans to deal with daily stressors.

“They may also be perfectionists who fear failure and tend to worry too much about the future. They are pragmatic, have good time management skills and would make decisions only after careful thinking.”

You design your own app logos
If you have taken advantage of the iOS update that allows you to design your own app logos, then you must have some creative flair. People who design their own apps usually like to have an aesthetic, such as black and white, and continue this theme throughout their life.

The #IOS14Homescreen on Instagram has more than 27,000 posts, where people showcase their personalised home screens and app icon designs.

Dineva offers: “These people can be open-minded, innovative and able to think out of the box. If there is a specific preference for themes in one colour, this can have an effect on creativity.”

No organisation
If you do not organise your apps at all and just leave them in the position they get downloaded, or leave multiple notifications unchecked, this could indicate that you’re better at prioritising.

Says Dineva: “These are usually people who are tolerant to multiple stimuli from their environment and can thrive in what for some may seem like chaos.

“These individuals could be good at prioritising and ignoring everything irrelevant as well as potentially being spontaneous, adventurous and led by impulse and emotions when making decisions.”

Background images
Some people opt for pictures of their loved ones or their beloved pets as their background image, however, some people simply stick to their phone’s default background image.

Selecting the default image may be as a result of the fear of people seeing their background during business hours, or simply because they don’t know how to change it. On the other hand, people who choose images of a beach or nature, may do so as a method of escapism.

Dineva suggests: “If someone selects a photo of their loved ones for their phone’s home screen, this does not necessarily mean that they are very sociable and communicative – in fact, this may be a photo of the only close person they have in the world. The same thing applies to those who choose a photo of nature – they may love travelling or be introverts or want to remind themselves of a lovely memory or may just be going through a stressful period and dreaming of some time out.”

 Andrew Cartledge, mobile expert at, comments: “With so many of us owning a smartphone and having a variety of apps downloaded, it is no surprise that how we use them can say something about our personality type.

“Whether you’re putting your creativity to use by creating your own app logos, or you’re happy to leave your apps where they land, if they are easily accessible to you then that is all that matters.”

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