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Your guide to post-summer care

The autumn can be bit of a shock to the system. You might have the post-holiday blues. The long, warm days of summer are fading fast. Also the more relaxed atmosphere in workplaces seems to shift as people suddenly get ‘back on it’. Self-care coach Tara Jackson provides some top tips…

Taking care of yourself on a daily basis is so important for keeping your energy levels up, stress levels down and helping you feel on top of your game – so that you can handle all that comes with both the changing seasons and demands in the workplace.

Here are five very simple, even obvious, self-care actions that if done regularly will help to keep you feeling well. Sometimes we just need a little reminder to do the right things.

1. Remember to hydrate – drinking water regularly throughout the day is essential for the body. Most of the time we think we are hungry or tired when in fact we are just dehydrated. Sitting in front of a screen in offices with no natural air also has a dehydrating effect. If you don’t like the taste of water you can try adding lemon or fresh fruit, or try herbal teas.

2. Get outside and go for a walk (even just a short one) in the fresh air as often as you can. Particularly as the seasons are changing and there’s a

tendency to want to hibernate, getting fresh air and sunlight will do wonders for your mind and body.

3. Take time out to do something for YOU that you enjoy – whether it’s alone or with friends or family. It’s so easy to get swept into working, sleeping and then working again especially with the long nights. Making sure you prioritise an activity that you enjoy regularly in your week will help you to feel more fulfilled, thus more able to contribute to other areas in your life.

4. Get enough sleep, ideally every day. Sometimes it’s not possible to do this – but making it a priority and choosing a night in over a night out can make all the difference in how you feel for the next few days. Being sleep deprived is no fun and it takes its toll on all body functions as well as making you more susceptible to eating sugary foods and caffeine.

5. Take a daily digital break. This can be a really hard one to do in this day and age but taking regular time away from social media, emails, browsing the internet and TV is good for your stress levels! Even if it’s just for half an hour before bed, switching off and not getting swept into everyone else’s opinions and updates will give your mind and body a chance to slow down and relax.

I hope these small tips are helpful in keeping you feeling well at work, and on top of your game as you care for yourself on a daily basis. Rather than drastic all or nothing approaches, it really is the small things that make a big difference!

Tara Jackson is a holistic self-care coach, who is on a mission to help busy people who put everything else above themselves discover how important self-care is, (within a healthy lifestyle) so that they can live a life that they love. For more information please see