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Webinar: Confessions of global EAs – join us!

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Not all EAs and PAs wear capes, but Rochelle Biss from Uber for Business, Abigail Jones from Facebook and Marie Heinsen from Sagittarius Agency might as well, for their PA powers are nothing short of heroic.* These three EAs will be discussing the biggest challenges facing EAs today – both during the pandemic lockdown and […]

Time to get selfish with your self-care

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With such busy schedules, we have all been guilty of neglecting our own self-care. Amy Gallagher, founder and director of Tula Wellness, has compiled a list of tips to help stop you ‘running on empty’ and nourish yourself. I recently carried out a poll asking my Instagram followers if they spent enough time on their […]

How much ‘down time’ do you get each day…?

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Working mums and dads get just 48 minutes of time to themselves each day, with the majority not putting up their feet until almost 9pm each night, according to a new study. The study of 2,000 parents also revealed that eight in ten parents wish they had more spare time, and that one in ten […]

Your guide to post-summer care

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The autumn can be bit of a shock to the system. You might have the post-holiday blues. The long, warm days of summer are fading fast. Also the more relaxed atmosphere in workplaces seems to shift as people suddenly get ‘back on it’. Self-care coach Tara Jackson provides some top tips… Taking care of yourself […]

Time to beat stress

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Here, holistic self-care and wellbeing coach Tara Jackson (herself an ex-PA) outlines her top tips for taking some much-needed ‘me time’ to prioritise your wellness Do you find your weeks merging into one another as your time is spent being at work, commuting, fitting in family and friends and all their needs and wants, having […]