It’s the wedding season & gifting time

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It’s that most wonderful time of the year… No, not that one, but rather the occasion most favoured by romantics and cupids the world over: wedding season!

With the events of the past two years now erased from our minds, it’s time to celebrate our passion for life and love! We at Midas I are once again focusing on providing our clients with the most beautiful items that make unique wedding gifts, either to make your special day as memorable as possible, or to ensure that your gift for the special couple will genuinely stand out.

Diehard romantic, Roger Allen is a founder of the Midas I, a bespoke gifting service that works with artists, designers, and artisans to create bespoke items and gifts on a commission-only basis adds: “This means that each item is individually tailored to your needs, and will hopefully stand out: as ‘unlike any other I’ve seen at a wedding’, or as ‘not just another item from the wedding list’.

We don’t do off-the-shelf or limited editions; our offering is truly unique, created to fulfil the brief provided by you, and arrived at through a process of meticulous understanding of your needs and desires.”

Our range includes:

Initialled Cushions

  • Personalised cushions, from a colour range to suit all requests. These can be created to incorporate initials of the happy couple or a particular symbol or design.

Donald Edge Jewellery


  • A specialist in bridal jewellery, with a bespoke offering that includes jewellery personalised with the Morse code spelling the happy couple’s names.

Dried Bouquets

  • Highly ornate and dramatic arrangements that are often seen as more akin to art installations than a standard flower arrangement. For these, clients usually select the flowers they prefer, which will have special significance to them.

Old World French wines 


Wine is already one of our most popular gifts for this summer.

We work with vineyards across France and some of the leading sommeliers to source the finest wine, either for the ceremony, or to furnish the new wine cellar in the home of the happy couple.

A popular request from clients is to source wine specifically based on the date they met, or even a new grape from the time they tied the knot.

With wine, we offer a gift that will mature with their relationship, and could be opened in a year for their anniversary. Or their 5 or 10 year anniversary.

Artist Rendering of the Big Day

  • This is becoming one of our most popular options, due to its uniqueness. How many couples can say that they had a ‘real-time’ artist present at their event, sketching and preserving their key moments forever? What better way to truly freeze-frame the moment? This  makes still one of the most unique wedding gifts we see.

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Read our interview with the founder of The Midas I, Roger Allen

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