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App of the Week: GlobalCall247

After a low-cost way of calling landlines and mobiles in over 100 countries? Check out the new international calling app GlobalCall247.

The brainchild of Richard Elliot-Square, the app has been designed for a global audience of customers who are looking to save money on international calls.

There’s no need to unlock a phone or insert a new SIM card when using the app, users simply register, add funds and start dialling.

GlobalCall247 also works with or without WiFi and does not require the recipient to have the app, freeing consumers from some of the constraints of other apps.

“The app came about because I’ve had to do a lot of travelling for business, and I’d find you’re either stung with some eye-wateringly high call rates, or else you have to get everyone installing and running the same app,” said Elliot-Square.

“Quite often the call quality would be dreadful too. We’ve seen the mobile world and the net make so many advances in recent years, yet no one had made a simple, low-cost calling app. That’s what started me on developing GlobalCall247 and I’m incredibly excited to be able to see the app live on app stores around the world.”

Following the launch, GlobalCall247 is in negotiations with a number of major telecoms and fintech companies to establish joint ventures, including a white label version of the app.

This will see the addition of new features that will help to enhance the user experience by providing a one stop communications and financial offering.

Elliot-Square added: “The app is a fantastic tool for business callers because you can carry on with whatever mobile contract you have, our app runs seamlessly alongside it. The app also lets you message colleagues in a group, transfer files, and perform translation.

“I’m ambitious about adding new features to the app and seeing its popularity grow. The combination of low cost and simplicity means we’re offering a ground-breaking way for business travellers to stay in touch whilst they’re on the move.”

GlobalCall247  is available through the App Store and Google Play.