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10 things to look for in a job search

Tips to find a job you love

Whatever your reason for starting a job search, it’s important to be sure you know what you want out of your new role. Here, CEO and Founder of US-based Human Workplace Liz Ryan outlines 10 things to consider when looking at a role.

  1. Does the job description match your skills and strengths? Does it include activities you enjoy doing or want to do more of?
  2. Is there room to grow? Does the company promote learning and career development?
  3. Can you learn anything from your potential boss? Is he or she somebody you can trust and see as a mentor? Will you get along with him or her?
  4. How does the role line up with your ultimate career goals?
  5. Is there a good balance between independent work and cooperation?
  6. Will the role allow you to develop a particular set of skills that can make you an expert in a certain field?
  7. Will you be rewarded for your hard work and loyalty?
  8. Are the job conditions suitable for you (i.e. business travel, commute, working hours, salary, benefits, etc)?
  9. After meeting your potential colleagues, do they seem like the kind of people you can get along with both professionally and personally?
  10. Is the physical environment of the office one that you’re comfortable with?

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