3 tips for writing a thank you letter following an interview

Tips for writing the perfect thank you letter

Employers will likely see many faces come and go when they’re looking for a new hire, so following up after an interview is a key factor in making yourself stand out. One important step to take immediately is to send a thank you letter that re-enforces your enthusiasm for the role. Here are some tips from Glassdoor for writing the perfect note.

1 Make a mailing list
If you’ve been interviewed by a panel of managers or team members, be sure to gather all of their business cards before you leave. Each person who took part in the meeting should receive a specific thank you letter, so try taking notes to include special details that show you were paying attention.

2 Choose your medium
Times are changing, so there are varying viewpoints about whether candidates should follow up by email or with a hand-written card. Take into consideration the industry and type of firm you’re contacting. In some sectors, a traditional letter would be appreciated, but in others (such as the tech industry) an email will suffice. Glassdoor’s main advice is that emails should be well written to make the same impact as a card or letter. Regardless of the medium, ensure each interviewer gets their thank you note within two to four days of your meeting.

3 Don’t overdo it
Remember that the conversation about your suitability for the role has already taken place. Your thank you note should be a brief reflection of your conversation and feedback on what you learned about the team and the role you’re after. This shows you absorbed and thought about what you saw and heard during your interview, and is more likely to engage your interviewer.

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