QEII Zoo help event organisers become effective zookeepers

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London’s QEII Centre will take you on a mind trip to a zoo in a quest to offer event organiser training that will help them become effective zookeepers. You’ll learn how to tame the lions and manage the playful monkeys, address the analytical elephants and nurture the dolphins at its forthcoming QE Zoo showcase.

QEII Zoo has invited is a leading motivational speaker and performance coach Nigel Risner to lead the day. Nigel believes that people’s personalities are similar to the characteristics of one of four animals.  Once event organisers understand the main personality traits they will be equipped to lead more cohesive teams and create imaginative events that appeal to the varying traits.

The high-energy and fun breakfast on 19 May will reveal the most prevalent characteristic amongst event planners and provide strategies to become effective zookeepers.

As each animal responds to different communication strategies, it will also dispel the myth that conferences and events need to follow a set format but instead show how they can, with subtle changes, bring the best out of each characteristic.

Every zoo needs an excellent zookeeper

“Every zoo needs a good zookeeper to maintain balance and keep the organisation moving ahead,” says Nigel Risner, who has advised numerous leading companies and brands including Barclays, Deloitte, GlaxoSmithKline, Sainsbury’s and Sky. “If we can recognise the characteristics and can understand what makes each animal tick, while putting them in the best possible surroundings and feeding them the right kind of food, we can communicate better.”

He added: “The most effective teams are made up of people who are different from each other but have learned to work together creatively. Each animal constantly sends you signals about their needs and feelings. As you recognise what makes each person special and find ways to tap into the group’s diversity, your team becomes stronger.”

Diane Waldron, sales and marketing director of the QEII Centre, says: “As the QEII has 32 very different spaces that can be transformed for a whole host of events, we’re always keen to innovate and look at how things can be done differently. QE Zoo will not only do that, but it will offer event planners a thought-provoking strategy to help their own teams thrive. They’ll also discover the art of approaching and networking with each of the animals as well as stimuli and tricks to ensure no cages are rattled!”

Register your interest in becoming a more effective zookeeper here

About the QEII Centre

Widely regarded as a beacon of British excellence, the QEII Centre seeks to deliver unbeatable service and choice for events, meetings and conference organisers across the world.

The 7-floor QEII Centre offers 32 adaptable conference and events spaces, with capacity for up to 1,300 theatre style in a single room. World-class facilities for high profile conferences, conventions, exhibitions and corporate events have capacity for up to 2,500 delegates. Around 400 national and international events are hosted there each year. The centre sits opposite World Heritage Site, Westminster Abbey.

The QEII Centre has won multiple awards for work across all areas of the business including London Venue Awards 2021 Silver for Most Versatile London Venue and Bronze for Best Events Venue Over 750 Attendees, Peoples’ Government Award, Greengage ECOsmart Silver Award, Venue of the Year at the Drum Experience Awards 2020, the Green Tourism Silver Award.

Explore the hireable events spaces available at the centre by visiting www.qeiicentre.london

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