6 tips to help you win at a performance review

How to turn your performance review into a success

Performance reviews are a necessary evil for office workers. They allow you to keep in touch with how your boss feels you’re doing so you can set clear objectives for yourself every year. These meetings also give you the chance to prove you’re worth the investment – and perhaps bargain for a pay rise along the way. Here are some tips from Glassdoor for winning at your next performance review.

1 Establish and enforce your boundaries
Saying yes to every task handed to you regardless of whether or not you can actually do them is a very bad idea. If you genuinely don’t think you’re capable of delivering on something, don’t take it on board. That way you don’t make false promises, which will save you having to make excuses during your performance review.

2 Prepare yourself
Performance reviews often devolve into your boss telling you everything you’re doing wrong. Take matters into your own hands by compiling a list of your accomplishments and successes ahead of your meeting.

3 Stay positive
A performance review need not be something that scares you. Stay upbeat and make sure that attitude comes across during your meeting. Your boss will appreciate the fact that you can remain positive even if he or she brings up a few concerns.

4 Put yourself in your bosses shoes
Conducting a performance review is not a fun job, especially if you have several team members under your wing. You can make your boss’s role in the meeting easier by pointing out the ways you’re helping them achieve their goals. Give him or her as much information as he or she needs to conduct an effective review, saving them time and giving them something to shout about if they have to provide a report to their own manager.

5 Provide solutions
That being said, don’t be tempted to divert attention away from your mistakes by bombarding your boss with the positive things you’ve done. If there wasn’t a problem, he or she wouldn’t bring it up, so accept responsibility and offer tangible solutions to fix the situation.

6 Gather support
The role of the PA can be very isolating, but that doesn’t mean you’re a lone wolf in your company. Gather a support network of colleagues who can help you achieve your goals and lend them a hand in reaching theirs. The ability to collaborate with your co-workers will look very good when it’s time for your performance review.

Above all else, your review is a chance to improve, so never look at negative feedback as a bad thing.

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