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7 ways to be taken seriously at work

PAs are gaining more recognition for the work they do for their companies, but there’s still a long way to go. Being taken seriously by your colleagues is a big step to take, so here are seven ways to do so.

1 Don’t strive to become indispensable
Learn your boundaries. Don’t take every task that gets thrown at you for the sake of proving your worth. Rather than becoming indispensable, you’ll be known as the person who will do anything when you’re asked.

2 You can never be too prepared
The best way to be taken seriously is to go into every meeting with all guns blazing. Get all your facts straight, have evidence to support everything and keep all of your research to hand. Anticipate every situation that could happen and come up with a contingency plan so you don’t get caught out empty handed.

3 Understand that your boss is your job
Sounds like a no-brainer to PAs, but realising your boss is your job is so much more involved. When you’re looking for new roles, recruiters can’t ask your CV if you’re a good candidate – they ask your boss. Manage your relationship with him or her and they can add to your credibility.

4 Speak properly
Raising the pitch of your voice at the end of every sentence, even if you know what you’re talking about, is a big no-no. It’s called upspeak and it makes people question your credibility. A recent survey reveals 85% of professionals believe upspeak is a sign of insecurity.

5 Follow up on your promises
People will never take you seriously if you don’t do what you say you’re going to. Never over promise your time and if you commit to a task, do it by your deadline.

6 Pretend everything is a test
Treat every task as an exam you have to ace. It’ll help you focus on the important things and your boss will no doubt be impressed by your proactive steps.

7 There is no try
Using the word ‘try’ when you’re taking on projects makes you sound uncertain of your ability to do them. People will question whether you’re up to the task. If you’re unsure about something, don’t accept the responsibility. It’s better to be honest than get yourself in over your head.

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