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    Apollo Air Services launch new festive flight packages

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    VIP helicopter charter company, Apollo Air Services taste tests mince pies at altitude with the launch new festive flight packages.

    Apollo Air Services has introduced mince pies to its flights this Christmas after research suggests that it could be one of the best in-flight snacks due to its spicy and intense flavours.

    It is suggested that once in the air, salt is 20%-30% less intense and sugar 15%-20% less due to high altitudes. However, fruity aromas, acids as well as spicy and intense flavours are far more stable with Apollo finding the optimum altitude to enjoy the UK’s much loved treat is 3,800 feet for the best tasting mince piece.

    To celebrate the mighty mince pie, Apollo Air Services has launched a “Mince Pie In The Sky” flight package for those wanting to beat the Christmas traffic and get home (or to a chosen festive location) in style and safety. The package is customisable to the passenger’s chosen take off and drop off locations, and involves a number of yuletide additions including a Christmas hamper filled with mince pies and mulled wine, decorations in the cabin and (optional) Christmas songs on the sound system, for a fun and festive flight to get into the Christmas spirit, whilst soaring over the holiday traffic.

    Those wanting to treat their loved ones can purchase a gift voucher for the “Mince Pie In the Sky” experience, a 30-minute festive flight over a chosen location, complete with mince pies and mulled wine onboard.

    Steve Graham, Apollo Air Services, “Mince Pies are firm favourite over the Christmas season and we thought it would be great fun to find out the altitude where they taste the best and celebrate the greatly loved pie this festive season. Mince pies aside, we are able to offer our clients a safe and reliable way to travel to their loved ones this holiday season.

    This year, more than ever, it is important to make the most of time spent with family and friends, as well making sure you are keeping yourself and loved ones safe. By adding some Christmas touches to our aircraft like a hamper, decorations and Christmas music, we hope to bring a bit of fun and Christmas cheer to our passengers after what has been a difficult year for many.”

    For more details around Apollo Air Services: https://apolloairservices.com/


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