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    A big part of life is budgeting but it’s not always fun, easy or satisfying to take the time to manage your finances. I’ve personally attempted various different strategies to try and find where all the money goes each month, and with Christmas on the way many of us will need to be extra careful with the pennies. This is where Spendee comes in…

    Spendee, or $pendee as it’s stylised, is a sleek, stylish and satisfying budget app designed to help you keep on top of how much money you’re spending. Help track when and where you put all your money each week and the features build up. The more information you feed, the more charts and visuals you’ll be able to show, tracking your spending habits in handy, colour-coded graphs. One of its most handy features is its ability to set budgets. After making a budget and setting the timeframe (you could track a budget for anything from as little as a day to a year if you really want to), you can then track your percentage through a friendly percentage bar, filling with every transaction you make.

    The App itself is free and looks gorgeous on iPhone, Android and tablet devices, but there is a premium version on offer for those who want more flexibility. Offering features such as multiple wallets and budget planning graphs, which are particularly helpful for PAs with various budgets to consider, I didn’t find I ever needed to use a premium feature. The premium version does also offer users the ability to connect to their real-world bank account, but we’ve already featured free app I’d personally recommend first for directly interacting with your bank.

    The Verdict
    For PAs inside and outside of the office, the ability to track budgets can be very handy. Putting all the data into accessible graphs can give users a real understanding of how they’re spending their money, and you can schedule when money goes in and out of your bank account, helping you track timings a lot easier than just using a pen and paper or spreadsheet. All within your phone and without disclosing any real bank account information, I’d say it’s worth giving it a look.

    Spendee is available on Apple and Android devices and you can learn more on their website.


    Toby Cruse

    Content Writer - PA Life

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