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      App of the Week: TravelPerk

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      Why TravelPerk?

      TravelPerk offers modern travel management for modern companies.

      Traditional business travel providers, like agents and legacy tools, are stuck in the 80s and 90s. And some organizations lack a solution all together.

      Now, modern companies can book, manage and report on travel all in one place with TravelPerk.

      Here are the top reasons why companies are making the switch:

      1.Guaranteed Compliance 

      TravelPerk helps businesses achieve 95% compliance.

      Beat uncontrolled spend and end micromanaging with automated policies and approvals built into the tool. It’s just a 2 minute setup!

      1. Immediate Visibility 

      Immediately save an average of 20% on travel.

      Get access to actionable data, so you can identify big spenders, rule breakers, and policy leaks, and make informed decisions.

      1. Traveler Autonomy 

      Offer the world’s largest inventory without sacrificing control.

      64% of business travelers prefer to book for themselves and the number is growing.* Let travelers self-book according to their preferences and within policy.

      1. Less Chaos 

      Transform travel into one vendor, one monthly invoice and one customizable report.

      Companies waste time and miss deals chasing people for info. Streamline the process with traveler profiles and saved preferences.

      TravelPerk is the ultimate tool to book all your trips, empower your employees, ensure visibility and save time managing business travel.

      TravelPerk makes business travel management smoother for administrators and more enjoyable for business travelers.

      Request your demo today! Or sign up. It’s free!


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