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      Big opportunity for sustainable suppliers at Christmas time, says BMA House

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      17% of 375 respondents to a BMA House survey of event organisers and suppliers said they send cards and gifts with no consideration for the environment, though the majority give something that is not only positive for the recipient but also the wider world, including:-

      ·       23% – sustainable Christmas cards

      ·       11% – sustainable gift

      ·       18% – charitable donation

      ·       10% – electronic Christmas card

      BMA House says the results clearly show that the majority of organisations are thinking about their environmental impact when it comes to Christmas wishes. This, it says, represents a great opportunity for suppliers of sustainable gifts, as it is clear that people want to give in a responsible way.

      This year BMA House has given away nearly 100 Christmas tree seeds and planters. These sustainable gifts are free of plastics, easy to post and create a long-term link and memory for the recipients.

      The custom branded Christmas Tree Desktop Garden Tube is made from recycled brushed aluminium and is supplied with an innovative seed ball that will germinate in around 7-14 days. The seeds consist of ‘Fraser Fir’, scientifically known as Abies Fraseri, which is a popular Christmas Tree as it is fast growing.

      “It is so pleasing to see the growing positive attitude to responsible giving,” said Kat Winfield, venue manager at BMA House.  “Despite so many positive messages for goodwill and happiness, Christmas can also be a time of needless waste.  Seeing so many organisations take a positive step is wonderful news and bodes well for the future.”

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