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Birmingham PA Forum announces return of Birmingham PA Awards

For the first time, members of the industry can nominate a colleague for an award.

The inaugural Learning and Development Conference kicked off today at Unique Venues Birmingham, where hosts the Birmingham PA Forum revealed that nominations are now open for its annual awards.

During the event, Dan Skermer, founder of the Birmingham Forum, shared that the Birmingham PA Awards would be returning for a second year, and that nominations are open now.

This year will see the awards welcome nominations from across the West Midlands Regions, where PAs, EAs and Vas, plus for the first time members of the industry can nominate a colleague for an award.

In addition, the awards have increased from five categories up to eight, with the inclusion of Independent VA of the Year and Corporate Responsibility Champion.

Speaking to Jade Burke, editor of PA Life, during the event, Skermer said: “ I wanted to launch the awards at this event to draw in a bigger audience and gain more interest, and I think we have done just that.

“Plus, we are hoping that the addition to allow colleagues to nominate someone within the PA community will really help.”

The date for the Birmingham PA Awards is due to be announced soon. Watch this space for more details to be revealed by PA Life.