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BOOK REVIEW: Finding Gold Dust

Finding Gold Dust – How to Create Exceptional Customer Experiences by Gavin Scott was published in December and has been number one on Amazon in three categories, including the Secretarial and Admin Category.

One of Gavin’s long-term goals is to be a Key Person of Influence (KPI) in Customer Service and he has always kept a record of his stories in hope that one day he will write a book.

Back in March 2020, with many countries around the world in lockdown and all events and training days being cancelled, Gavin took the opportunity to put pen to paper. Six and a half weeks later the first draft was completed and after a few reviews and some feedback the final copy was ready.

Gavin, said: “All in person training was cancelled for months and I had to move my business LOAF Training online. If this wasn’t enough, I decided I was going to write a book. In our world a book is incredibly important for visibility and really improves exposure.”

Finding Gold Dust

Humorous, relatable and relevant to the current climate, the book is filled with great advice for anyone working in customer services or are at the forefront of a brand, such as a PA, EA, VA and more. With short digestible chapters, real life stories and fun visuals from his illustrator John Montgomery, the book highlights the impact one person can have on a business.

Key takeaways include:

  • The impact of positive language and the mistakes people often make without realising – phrases like no problem indicate that there was a problem.
  • The importance of every customers voice – in the digital world a review on social media can make or break a company.
  • First and last impressions count – the first and last experience a customer has with you will leave a lasting impression and influence their future choices.

The book is filled with great advice which can be applied to a number of different roles. Understanding how you speak with customers is vital for a business, so order your copy now on Amazon or if you prefer you can request it on Kindle.

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