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    Bored? These are the top 50 things Brits miss most about travelling

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    Sun-starved Brits are missing overseas travel so much that they are even relishing the prospect of queuing at airport security, getting lost on foreign roads and waiting ages for stragglers to join their transfer coach.

    Although the list of the 50 most-missed aspects of holidays is dominated by feelgood things – like warm evenings, amazing views, exciting excursions and fantastic food – there were some highly unusual choices.

    These included packing and doing the holiday washing when you get home.

    With one in four admitting that not being able to go away has even made them miss things they used to complain about.

    A survey of 2,000 adults, found that Spain, Italy and New York are the top three destinations Brits can’t wait to escape to when restrictions lift.

    Almost two thirds of Brits have missed out on a foreign trip this year.

    Rhiannon Heap, a spokesperson from New York Bakery Co., who commissioned the survey, said: “We know people are missing all sorts of things when it comes to trips abroad – whether that’s flying over to America or dashing across Europe.

    “People are missing the sights, sounds and tastes of different cultures and food is one of the biggest contributors to having an authentic experience. Gelato in Italy, Paella in Spain or Bagels in New York.”

    Travellers miss having time to properly relax, trying new food and seeing the sights of a new location.

    Almost guaranteed sunshine, having some me-time and being able to eat when and what you want also featured in the top 50.

    And sightseeing and food top the list of things Brits love about travelling to a different country (51 per cent).

    In fact, 58 per cent admitted to indulging in more food on holiday than at home. One in three Brits want to visit New York to try the bagels and 42 per cent would love to have a Gelato in Italy.

    Nearly six in 10 (58 per cent) also can’t wait to immerse themselves in a different culture and have a really authentic experience.

    Almost two thirds said they deliberately seek out local cuisine when they’re on holiday to ensure a truly authentic experience when exploring a new city.

    The survey, conducted by One Poll, went on to reveal almost a quarter (23 per cent) have tried to recreate a holiday experience at home during the pandemic.

    Top things Brits miss most about travelling

    1. Warm evenings

    2. Seeing amazing views

    3. Having something to look forward to

    4. Having time to properly relax

    5. Trying new food

    6. Seeing the sights of a new city

    7. The guaranteed sun

    8. Authentic food

    9. Having some me-time

    10. Eating what I want when I want

    11. The wave of heat when you get off the plane

    12. Sunbathing by a pool

    13. Going on excursions

    14. Meeting people of different cultures

    15. Seeing the hotel for the first time

    16. Getting a tan

    17. The excitement at the airport

    18. Getting immersed in different cultures

    19. Getting dressed up for the evening

    20. Getting through a good book in peace

    21. Packing your bag

    22. The smell of sun cream/aftersun

    23. Having unlimited food

    24. A cold shower after a sweaty beach day

    25. Taking holiday pictures and sharing on social media

    26. Getting a beverage on the plane

    27. Getting through the other end of airport security

    28. Showing off your tan when you come home

    29. Trying out a new language

    30. Tracking which countries you are flying over

    31. Testing out the perfumes in duty free

    32. Cocktails for breakfast

    33. The familiarity of checking for (and finding) your passport/boarding pass

    34. Reserving a spot by the pool with your towel before breakfast

    35. Hotel dressing gown and slippers

    36. Wincing at an incredibly strong local alcohol shot

    37. When your suitcase is the last bag to come off the plane

    38. Getting lost on unfamiliar foreign roads

    39. Getting used to driving a car on the wrong side of the road

    40. Getting sand absolutely everywhere

    41. Not being able to understand the language

    42. The long car drive to the airport

    43. Getting picked out of the crowd to join in with the hotel entertainment

    44. When a postcard to a friend arrives weeks after you get back home

    45. The queue at airport security

    46. Waiting on the transfer coach for over an hour for everyone to get on

    47. Battling with the sun lounger

    48. The moment when your suitcase weighs too much

    49. The t-shirt tan lines

    50. Doing the holiday washing when you get home

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