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      Exercise, eating healthily and spending time with family – How Brits looks after their mental health

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      Exercise, eating healthily and spending time with family are the most popular things Brits do to look after their mental health. A survey of 2,000 UK adults revealed one in four have also attempted a new diet or exercise regime in the past three months to boost their wellbeing. And 46 per cent have simply […]

      Two-thirds of businesses say skills training crucial to post-COVID recovery

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      The UK workforce gained a potential 94.2 million training hours earlier this year as entire sectors came to a standstill. That’s according to research from Hays Thrive, which says that as the total number of hours worked plummeted across the country, there’s a strong link between businesses who took advantage of these training hours and those who […]

      Upped your screen time during lockdown? Get your eyes checked

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      Seven in 10 office workers upped their screen use during lockdown – with millions suffering eye issues as a result, research has revealed. A survey of 2,000 18 to 60-year olds revealed 37 per cent have experienced tired eyes from looking at screens too often. One third (34 per cent) have had headaches, 20 per […]

      32: The age you’re most likely to experience career burnout

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      Workers are most likely to experience career burnout at the age of just 32, a study has found. A poll of 2,000 employed adults found nearly a third have felt like they can’t go on at some point in their career due to being stressed and exhausted. More than half of those put this down […]

      Diversity & inclusion for agile workforces a priority in business

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      Aon has released results of a global pulse survey focused on how companies are rethinking their human capital and assessment strategies in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The study, Accelerating Workforce Agility and Resilience, was undertaken from August 17 to August 25 this year and a total of 2,004 human resources leaders and professionals […]

      Women from Brighton are the most body confident in the UK

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      A nationwide study found almost a third (30 percent) of female residents of the East Sussex city – birthplace of Katie Price and Holly Willoughby – say they love their natural looks and would not change a thing. Women from Leicester came in second place in the confidence stakes, where more than a quarter feel […]

      COVID-19: Half of adults determined to change the way they live

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      Half of adults are determined to change the way they live as a consequence of Covid-19 – by developing closer bonds with neighbours, supporting small businesses and giving to those less fortunate. A study of 2,000 Brits found 56 per cent are re-evaluating everything about their lives, with 47 per cent consciously choosing to value […]

      Nearly half of workers in dark of over ‘new normal’ planning

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      47 per cent of UK office workers still do not feel as though they have had clear, formalised communications around working hours, availability and productivity. In addition, more than half (54 per cent) admit to not understanding the current state of the business – as well as their employer’s overall plan to survive the economic […]

      40% of employees feel they don’t have job security

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      Just 30% of employees are ‘resilient’ while also showing that resilience can triple when employers adopt a well-rounded programme of support. That’s according to AON’s The Rising Resilient report, which says employees with poor resilience have 55% lower engagement at work and are 42% less likely to want to stay with their employer. In the […]

      World’s ‘Best Luxury Hotel’ brands 2020 revealed

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      Luxury Travel Intelligence has revealed its much-anticipated World’s Best Luxury Hotel Brands list for 2020, with Six Senses (pictured) taking top spot for the first time. LTI says it has taken the past 12 months to apply the perfect assessment process, comprising a ‘rigorously defined algorithm’ that measures the performance and values of luxury hotel brands. The algorithm includes 123 […]