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    Over a third of UK adults have suffered discrimination at work

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    Over a third of British adults (36%) report having experienced some form of discrimination in the workplace or when job hunting, study finds. New research into workplace discrimination, commissioned by HR software provider CIPHR, reveals just how widespread employment bias is in the UK. On average, one in six people (16%) report having suffered ageism, […]

    Yoga, cycling and lifting weights: The exercises that make Brits happiest

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    A study of 2,000 adults found the average person has a glow for up to an hour and 25 minutes after yoga, and one hour and 21 minutes after cycling. And lifting weights sees them feeling happy for an hour and 15 minutes. It also emerged adults believe they need to exercise for around 40 […]

    Three quarters of businesses ‘don’t have the skills to succeed’ in a post pandemic world

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    A new study into the concerns business leaders in the UK currently hold in relation to a post-pandemic world, has highlighted that a staggering 73% of businesses don’t believe they have the skills needed to succeed. The research has shown that communication skills are where the gaps lie with 50% of business professionals picking up […]

    81% of younger workers fear loneliness from long-term home working

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    New research from Chargifi reveals that since working from home, Gen Z and Millenials feel disproportionately isolated, and say it is negatively impacting their ability to build and develop relationships at work – and potentially harming their career progress. The survey of 2,000 US and UK office workers found that over two-thirds of workers aged […]

    Only 23% of young people feel businesses understand their needs

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    With there being negative headlines breaking the news about politicians in the news in the past few months, the disconnect between young people and politicians and the lack of trust in their capabilities has never been more prominent. Leading youth social mobility charity Speakers for Schools commissioned three YouGov surveys to determine the attitudes of […]

    Aberdeen – The best UK city to live and work in, says data

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    If you’re looking for somewhere with the perfect balance of work and happiness then Aberdeen is the perfect city for you. Analysis of 50 UK cities by Shawbrook Bank Personal Loans reveals the highest-ranking places to live based on several factors, including the number of green spaces, working hours, house prices and the cost of […]

    Number of offices reopening up 5% in August

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    Offices reopening their doors and employees returning to work increased by 5% in August compared to July, despite it being a traditionally slow month. That’s according to data from from Freespace, a workplace technology solution that anonymously captures space usage in offices worldwide. It has so far deployed over 120,000 workplace sensors worldwide at major corporations, providing insights into working patterns and office utilisation, supporting the ‘return to work’ […]

    Summer holidays pushes 4 in 5 parents to plan return to the office

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    Parents are most keen to return to office (81% vs 66% without kids at home) – too many distractions, lack of social interaction with colleagues/people their age and a bad work-life balance were cited as key reasons. Working 9 to 5 is a tempting prospect for many parents, as new research from Hitachi Capital Business […]

    Brits feel stressed eight days a month, says research

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    A new study, commissioned by HR software provider CIPHR, reveals that most British adults (79%) feel stressed at least once a month, with the average being eight days a month. Taken over the course of a year, that’s 96 days (around three months) spent struggling with stress. Expand that over the course of an average […]

    Six in 10 want bosses to provide air conditioning when working from home

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    A study of 2,000 adults found 44 per cent struggle to keep on top of their work when the mercury soars, with four in 10 moving rooms to try and find a cooler spot to work. A quarter of workers have even worked with the fridge or freezer door open in a bid to keep […]