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      Two thirds of SME leaders are more environmentally focussed in light of COVID-19

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      Two thirds of Britain’s SME business leaders say they are now more environmentally conscious in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. That’s according to a survey, jointly commissioned by B2B energy suppliers Opus Energy and Haven Power, part of Drax Group, found that small and medium business bosses are having to make bolder decisions as they prepare for a brave new business world. 66 percent admit that their own […]

      Home working will save London commuters 23.5 days a year in travel time

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      Tyto’s latest ‘Cost of a London Commute’ study has shown that working from home will save workers an average of 23.5 days per year in travel time – which is the equivalent of  £10,020  in  unpaid time. Remote working also saves commuters an average of  £5,114  in travel costs, which is nearly a fifth (18%) of […]

      25% of employees think COVID-19 will have a negative effect on health and safety in the workplace

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      Thirty-nine per cent of Brits said they are concerned about their mental and physical health being put at risk at work, with respondents taking an average of 3.5 off each year due to an illness caused by their job. Meanwhile, one in 10 people in the UK have actually taken time off work because of […]

      Worrying has a real impact on women’s health, says study

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      Women are spending the equivalent of almost an entire month of the year worrying – and more than half said it is having an impact on their health. A study of 2,000 adults found women spend an average of almost two hours a day feeling worried or stressed, with two thirds of this time spent […]

      Study says home working has increased employee productivity

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      Thirty-four per cent of companies believe that working from home is having a positive impact on employee productivity, according to new research. The Covid-19 UK business barometer, conducted by Sapio Research and B2B agency Skout, reveals that reduced travel times and changing routines have also contributed to employee effectiveness. As a result, around one in […]

      Employees ‘want to stay at home for good’

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      Sixty-two per cent employees who can work from home would be happy if their office remained closed indefinitely after lockdown measures are lifted, despite a sustained drop in Covid-19 cases, while one in five (21%) claimed to be ‘extremely happy’ at the prospect of working permanently from home. That’s according to a new study commissioned […]

      You probably spend 43 minutes ‘shopping around’ online before committing to a purchase

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      The average Brit will spend just under 43 minutes ‘shopping around’ online before committing to a purchase. A survey of 2,000 UK adults found almost four in 10 also read online reviews before finally hitting ‘buy’. Insurance and white goods are the top items shoppers are most likely to look for a good deal on, […]

      Tech worth £16.5 billion is sitting in our junk drawers

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      Brits are sitting on technology worth £16.5 billion that they no longer use – and it could drop in value by £3.5 billion over the next year. Researchers found the typical adult has a staggering £598 worth of superfluous gadgets – simply collecting dust and cluttering their homes. But during the past year, smart phones, […]

      Home workers ‘missing vital digital tools’

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      The British public is struggling with ‘information overload’ as working from home becomes the norm, with one in three UK office workers saying they do not feel equipped with the digital tools to move to remote working. That’s according to research from OpenText, which reveals a lack of equipment is impacting UK employee productivity and […]

      CORONAVIRUS: Companies dangerously ‘living off’ employee goodwill

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      New international research from 11,000 people shows that organisations may be ‘living off employee goodwill’, according to employee engagement and survey experts Inpulse. The research, which includes views of 3,441 UK employees, shows that Anxiety has risen 120% from the same period as last year – up from 5% to 12%. A dominant emotion is at […]