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Brits got on top of chores during lockdown, now worried about returning to the office

Half of Brits ‘finally’ got on top of their home life and chores during lockdown – but a quarter are worried the end of restrictions will undo all their good work.

A poll of 2,000 adults found the past 18 months has given them a chance to conquer their domestic duties and keep tabs on things like never before. And as a result, half of those polled ‘enjoyed’ being at home.

However, a third (32 per cent) are now worried they’ll start to lose this sense of control and order as ‘normality’ is resumed. As a result, half are ‘open’ to any tech which makes the transition to post-lockdown life easier and helps them maintain control of their lives.

The research was commissioned by Samsung SmartThings, a free service which allows you to remotely connect and control your smart home tech using your smartphone, tablet and laptop.

Teg Dosanjh, director of connected services and technology from Samsung UK and Ireland, said: “Our research has shown just how accustomed to being at home the UK population has become. And just as technology has helped get the nation through lockdown, it can also help people take small steps to get back out into the world, knowing their homes and connected devices are in their full control.”

The study also identified other parts of post-lockdown life that people are getting used to again, including being out in a social setting.

More than a third of those polled are anxious about interacting with others amid concerns their social skills will be rusty. Additionally, 61 per cent are worried they’ll be more likely to lose things like smartphones, laptops, or keys because they’ll be working ‘on the go’ – hot desking and working away from home.

The study, carried out through OnePoll, found a quarter have already lost or misplaced personal belongings more often since the pandemic. Furthermore, they’ve typically spent an average of more than an hour a week searching for missing items.

However, four in 10 think they’d be less worried about losing their personal belongings like their phone, watch, laptop, or keys if they were able to track them. Dosanjh added: “With almost half of Brits saying they’re open to using newer forms of technology if it makes their life easier, it’s clear that smart technologies or platforms such as Samsung SmartThings can play a role in helping people find their feet as they start to move further away from their home.

“Whether that’s tracking lost items, monitoring the home remotely or simply keeping people connected.”