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    Firms ‘neglecting key parts’ of remote recruitment strategies

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    Firms are largely unprepared for the barriers they encounter when hiring employees in remote locations – particularly when hiring overseas. That’s according to Omnipresent, an Employer of Record that helps organisations employ people globally, and comes after research from Aon showed that companies focus on certain aspects of their remote location strategies but neglect others. For instance, […]

    How to keep cool at work during a heatwave

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    Workplace temperature is a hotly contested topic at the best of times – but with parts of the UK expecting another heatwave next month, many Brits will be struggling to work in sweltering office or home environments. With productivity and morale taking a hit, many will be wondering what their rights are when it comes […]

    One in four distracted by office noise, as WFH guidance ends

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    After almost 18 months at home, UK workers are gearing up to return to the office as the government advice to work from home comes to an end. And while Netflix and the kitchen won’t be there to distract us anymore, offices are still filled with potential productivity sappers. But what exactly distracts the office […]

    Employee backlash predicted for 80% of businesses post-Freedom Day

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    80% of UK office workers could fight back against short sighted bosses who are not planning future place of work options or not preparing effectively for flexible working after Freedom Day (today, July 19th). That’s according to research from the UK’s largest online venue booking platform VenueScanner, based on survey responses from 1000 office workers, revealed […]

    5 ways to work from home like a pro

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    By Kevin Underdown, Head of HR at PPL PRS Working from home is the ‘new normal’ for many of us. According to ONS, the first lockdown in April 2020 saw 46.6% of the UK tackle their to-do lists from the comfort of their own homes and it remains the working lifestyle here in 2021. In […]

    ‘Studies and surveys are useless when it comes to WFH ability & happiness’

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    Working from home might be the norm – but it doesn’t work for everyone. Personal Development Expert Christine Macdonald offers insight into how managers can work with employees to find the best fit for them… 2020 had a significant impact on work culture in the UK. As the national focus shifted rapidly, industries and sectors […]

    Age-divide determines whether small businesses will return to the office or work from home

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    New research from Hitachi Capital Business Finance reveals that older small business owners will continue with hybrid and home working, whilst younger small business owners seem raring the get back to a bustling office in the next six months. At a time when the nation gears up for a return to a pre-pandemic world of […]

    UK trends set to continue after ‘Freedom Day’

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    Companies providing services like home workouts, high-end meal kits and even crochet tutorials have all boomed during the pandemic. Not everyone has had a smooth path through the pandemic though; businesses have had to become more agile and invest in technology. Many entrepreneurs and individuals have adjusted their attitudes, spending more time on worthy causes or […]

    How working from home impacts your health – and what to do about it

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    The search term ‘working from home health’ has received a 6,700% uplift in searches within the last month alone, reflecting the nation’s concern that working from home for such an extensive period is impacting our health. Here, health practitioner Tammy Richards at the dispensary brand PureOptical presents the 5 major ways working from home impacts […]

    CIPD: Employers ‘must do more’ to address flexible working inequality

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    The CIPD is warning of the risks of potentially creating a two-tier workforce after its analysis of official data found the use of different flexible working arrangements is unequal across the UK – with some areas exposed as ‘flexible working notspots’. Using data from the ONS Labour Force Survey, the CIPD has ranked UK nations […]