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    Working from home

    Majority of people want a hybrid office/home worklife post-Covid

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    Another week, another survey into employee attitudes to working from home/returning to the office… And this time, we learn that nearly all employees who are working from home (97%) prefer to keep working from home, even when offices are open, according to respondents in the third round of a joint research conducted by Nyenrode Business […]

    Women more likely to feel alone when WFH, men are keener to return to office

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    As a growing number of businesses commit to a long-term WFH setup, a new study commissioned by a leading intelligent learning platform has revealed that more than two thirds (67%) of workers in the UK feel ‘disconnected’ from their colleagues, with women suffering from professional loneliness more than men. Other key insights include attitudes to […]

    Flexible working requests: What employees and employers need to know

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    Advice by Alan Price, CEO of BrightHR… According to several media reports, Ministers are preparing to make flexible working a permanent feature of UK life after the pandemic, with plans to strengthen employees’ rights to work from home or ask for different hours. The Government will start a public consultation later this year on how […]

    Nearly three quarters of UK businesses will now hire candidates from anywhere in the country

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    Over the past year, remote working has proven to be less of a hindrance and more of a benefit to a lot of UK businesses. As a result, business decision makers are more flexible when considering candidates for employment, with new research revealing that nearly three quarters (73%) are open to hiring people from anywhere in the UK, rather than just those local to their business. The […]

    11.42am is when PAs are the most productive, new WFH research reveals

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    Brits have become accustomed to a more flexible working day during the pandemic, and as we approach the lifting of lockdown restrictions, many are expecting this way of working to be the new norm. A recent study emphasised the importance of this way of working and ditching the 9-5pm, by pinpointing the most productive and creative times of day for each profession, with the next generation of workers unable […]

    Time to ditch the jogging bottoms as we head back to the office?

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    Returning to the office is set to ignite a post-pandemic fashion boom, as more than half of UK workers plan to refresh their work wardrobe. The average worker is preparing to spend nearly £200 each on new work clothes in the next month – to celebrate the end of lockdown and getting back into an […]

    Lack of WFH health and safety awareness is a potential time bomb, says safety specialist

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    2020 was, understandably, a busy year for health and safety in the workplace. In a matter of weeks, the national focus shifted rapidly towards combating Covid-19. Social distancing became the norm, restrictions were put in place and laws quickly introduced to help stop the spread. For office-based workers, things moved swiftly as lockdown came into […]

    Remote workers are feeling disconnected… but the majority want to continue to WFH…

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    A new study commissioned by a leading intelligent learning platform has revealed that more than two thirds (67%) of workers in the UK feel ‘disconnected’ from their colleagues and four fifths (80%) have spoken to their manager once in the last 10 days. Additionally, half admit (49%) this is having a negative impact on how […]

    How to help staff beat WFH burnout

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    By Kayleigh Frost, Head of Clinical Support at Health Assured We have now reached the 12 months mark from the first official lockdown in England. And while some people have taken to remote working like a duck to water, this isn’t the case for all employees. Others will be found working from home for the […]

    What does the office mean to you?

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    By Brett Hill, distribution director, Towergate Health & Protection For many office workers, ‘going to work’ does not just mean going to do work, it means to go and be a part of a common space, with people who share similar objectives, in an experience that is distinctly separate from the rest of life. There […]