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    Brits would make their hobby their job

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    Almost nine-tenths of Britons have considered taking up their hobby as a full-time job, according to new research.

    A survey of 1005 people published in The Hobbies, Dreams and Jobs Report, carried out by beabetteryoucourses.co.uk, found that 89% of Brits have considered making their pastime their full-time job.

    Sports-mad Brits are most likely to consider pursuing a career as a personal trainer (65%), while careers in photography (48%), writing (37%), fashion and styling (33%), and cooking and hospitality (30%) are also popular amongst aspiring hobby-jobbers.

    However, just 3% of the population (approximately 1,569,786 Brits) have followed through with their intention and made money from their hobby.

    65% of Brits cite financial insecurity as the main reason for not pursuing a career in a field they have a genuine interest in. A lack of job security also ranked as a concern, with 54% claiming this was a factor when converting hobbies into full-time jobs.

    Almost half (47%) were put off by social pressures from friends and family, while one in three (35%) felt too settled in their existing career to make the change to another industry.

    Simon Bubb, Managing Director at beabetteryoucourses.co.uk said: “Seeing just a small percentage of UK adults have switched industries to pursue their passion despite such a large amount considering the switch is disappointing. Most professions include a considerable amount of transferable skills, so moving into a new sector doesn’t mean starting from square one.

    “Taking the plunge and starting a new career can be daunting, but with the right business guidance and support network it is not a difficult task. Taking a considered look at the industry and what training is required are sensible first steps.”

    Interestingly, women and those aged 25-34 were most likely to embark on a new endeavour.

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