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Build better workplace relationships at Butlin’s

By Butlin’s

When it comes to employee engagement there is nowhere else like Butlin’s. Studies have shown that compulsory team building exercises are more likely to alienate employees. Forget traditional “team-building” forcing everyone to do the same activity, at Butlin’s, de-conference your conference and let your team have fun and develop relationships naturally.

The facilities and entertainment at each of the three Butlin’s resorts, in Bognor Regis, Skegness and Minehead, provide opportunities for every member of your team to have a personalised experience and find like-minded colleagues, no matter what their idea of fun is. From the fairgrounds with Go-Karts to bowling and the beaches to the bars, there is something for everyone at Butlin’s.

Corporates are beginning to recognise that employees don’t want to sacrifice time they could be spending with their families or pursuing their own interests. More and more companies are looking to Butlin’s for end of the week conference options to allow team members to bring their families along for a weekend getaway.

Studio 36 is the perfect blank canvas venue to kick-start your event, with flexible, pillarless space and state-of-the-art technology. The venue’s space can be tailored to suit the needs of any event, whether you need breakout spaces, a main plenary or a gala dinner with stage entertainment. With high-quality AV, lighting and sound systems, the new venue regularly hosts live entertainment and performances and can be used to create wow moments for any audience.

Although each of the three Butlin’s resorts have their own unique features, every Butlin’s has what you need for an unforgettable business event. Each resort has numerous venues including Studio 36, fairgrounds, entertainment and nearby beaches. With an in-house team and accommodation available on-site, Butlin’s can provide one contract for all elements of your event, reducing risk and making life easy for organisers.