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Celebrity Event Planner Liz Taylor Launches Biography: Taylor Made

Which Motown megastar had it written into her ‘rider’ that nobody was allowed to look at her? What do you do when Kensington Palace calls and gives you two weeks to organise a ‘next level’ charity ball with Taylor Swift and Jon Bon Jovi? How do you pull Harry Styles out of a hat to deliver an 18th birthday cake? And organising the birthday party of which outrageous diva is a step too far even for ‘The Millionaire Party Planner?’

 The answers to these questions and a whole lot more are revealed in Taylor Made – a new book which was released earlier this month. It’s the autobiography of Liz Taylor, not the Hollywood actress, but ‘THE’ Liz Taylor… if it’s Prince Charles asking, that is.

Over the last 30 years, Taylor has built a multi-million-pound events management empire from a £200 budget. She has become the go-to party planner of the rich and famous and forged a career that has allowed her to travel the world organising some of the most extravagant parties imaginable. She cites £1.7million as her biggest budget to date. But, as she reveals in the book, when your clientele are multi-millionaires, a healthy sense of competition means that each party has to outdo the last.

Taylor Made is the fascinating story of an unflappable, unstoppable entrepreneur who knows the ultimate power of networking – in fact, she has built her career out of it. Highlights of her celebrity filled anecdotes include:

  • Taylor describes a mysterious phone call that leads her to become lifelong friends with Gary Barlow.
  • Liz meets Simon Cowell when she’s looking less polished than her usual Prada clad self – but it doesn’t stop her from making that all important contact for her little black book.
  • She recounts how she forged a friendship with Ayad Field and Robbie Williams over a Goyard handbag – a moment that would lead to her spending Thanksgiving with them (and Nicole Scherzinger) in later years.
  • Liz meets her idol, Sharon Osbourne and they bond over chicken soup.
  • Liz steps in to save the wedding of Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright after their wedding planner lets them down, with just three months until the big day.

Taylor describes her experiences and motivations for writing the book: “There are times when I have to pinch myself. As I stand in Kensington Palace co-ordinating an event for the future King. Thanksgiving dinner with Robbie and Ayda Williams and their A-List guests. Or ironing Howard Donald’s shirt, as the Take That star practices his best man speech. Insane moments in a roller coaster life.

“Combining my pathological attention for detail, steely business focus and endless creative drive, I forged successful businesses spanning over 35 years. Creating lavish events for stars of stage, screen, music, and sports, alongside business icons and political leaders. Recessions, three failed marriages and Covid-19, life has undoubtedly dealt me challenges. Each has made me strive harder. Finding my brand of optimism in everyday things.”

She adds: “A multi-million event management business and a thriving consultancy keeps me motivated. And the pinnacle of the last three decades – two incredible daughters and four grandchildren whom I adore. My journey is not a typical entrepreneur’s guide, but there is nothing typical about my world. It’s a real life told in fabulous memories.”

Liz Taylor is the CEO of leading event planners, the Taylor Lynn Corporation (, whose client list is a ‘who’s who’ of the celebrity, sports, business, and entertainment world.  Liz is also a successful hospitality and luxury brand consultant, podcaster and motivational speaker with her sister business, Liz Taylor Consultancy (

And we are delighted that Liz will be sharing her experience of how to run a successful event at the PA Life Skills Academy on November 2nd & 3rd. It will be an unmissable session, so book your tickets today!