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Certain buzzwords on CVs are no-nos

For those who have applied for a new position and never heard back, read on…


Whilst you may be convinced your CV is fantastic, thanks to an array of buzzwords indicating your potential as a prospective employee, it could be these very words that are in fact hindering your chances of securing a new position.

Experts at have revealed that using cliché words – such as a ‘hard-working, reliable team player’ – only sets you up to fall at the first hurdle.

Their research discovered the words that were the most overused by candidates and underrated by prospective employees.

‘Hardworking’, topped the list – with which a quarter of employees stating it is the most cliché word you can use on your CV.

‘Results-driven’, ‘dynamic’ and ‘dedicated’, are also not regarded well. Why? Arguably they are only things that can really be agreed with once you’ve actually started the job.

Almost a fifth of people state they are ‘reliable’, with just over 11% saying they are a ‘team player’.

So how can we improve our CVs?

Andrew Arkley from gives his insight:

“Firstly, it is imperative there are no spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes. This is something almost everybody glosses over and glaring errors are often missed. Likewise with formatting – sending a PDF version of the CV often helps eliminate this risk.

“These days, a generic CV that you blast out to dozens of employers will seldom do the job. Employers want to see that you have taken a particular interest in them so research, research, research. Use LinkedIn to see if you can find the hiring manager and tailor your CV / covering letter appropriately.

“Make sure you read the job specification so you can sprinkle some well-chosen ‘keywords’ from the spec directly into the CV – the more a hiring manager can pair you up with what they’re looking for, the better.”

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