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      Coronavirus: Brits will become ‘super human’ during lockdown

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      Locked-down Brits will become ‘super human’ and self-improve during isolation – with plans to learn a language or instrument, master DIY, paint a picture or write a novel.

      A poll of 2,000 adults found six in 10 are planning – or have already started – to improve themselves while house-bound.

      Among the intentions are taking an online university course, mastering painting, and learning new CAD or online design packages.

      Other things on the to-do list include yoga, tidying the garden, researching the family tree, studying history – or teaching themselves a skill such as knitting.

      A third of adults plan to work out at home every single day, while one quarter intend to learn a new language.

      And 32 per cent of those who normally ‘can’t cook, won’t cook’ plan to use the time to boost their skills in the kitchen.

      While 12 per cent will be learning a new musical instrument, one in 10 are mastering coding programmes such as Scratch or Python, and seven per cent even want to work out how to run their own small business.

      How to grow vegetables, using online video chat and reading up on English history are other ways Brits will ‘self-improve’.

      A spokesman for Lottoland, which commissioned the research, said: “There are lots of positives to an enforced time spent indoors.

      “During this unusual time, it would be so easy to give in to the bad mood, worry all day, and focus on all the things you can’t do.

      “Instead, as this research clearly indicates, many adults are choosing to use the time wisely, and in a really encouraging way.”

      The study found more than eight in 10 adults are determined to make the best of the situation as it currently is, and two thirds say it is important to them to have achieved something by the end of the isolation period.

      And while 69 per cent are decided on coming away armed with a new skill, 57 per cent are looking forward to doing things they can’t normally fit into their usual routine.

      As such, four in 10 adults polled via OnePoll are convinced they will come out of the crisis a better person.

      But it isn’t just the nation’s adults who are gearing themselves up to be improved, as 60 per cent of those parents polled claim they’re encouraging their children to learn new skills during the enforced ‘stay-at-home’ period.

      Which means kids are likely to be learning how to play different board games, cook with their parents and even do a spot of gardening.

      Four in 10 adults even plan to use the time to teach their children how to clean and tidy up, while growing vegetables is on the list for 20 per cent.

      The Lottoland spokesman added: “As a nation, we could see ourselves better-rounded than ever before.

      “While Brits are determined to make the most of their time behind closed doors it seems they’re still on the move.

      “Whether you’re embarking on a baking fail or attacking limescale, you can still bet on your favourite lotteries via the Lottoland app or on online.”

      Lottoland allows players to bet on lotteries from around the world, from the comfort of their own homes, via www.lottoland.co.uk.


      1. Learn to cook / bake
      2. Work out at home every day
      3. Learn a language
      4. Go on a diet
      5. Yoga
      6. Learn to grow vegetables
      7. Learn to garden
      8. Family tree research
      9. Master an instrument
      10. Take an online university course
      11. Learn to draw properly
      12. Read up on English history
      13. Learn to play new board games
      14. Learn to Facetime/video chat
      15. Learn how to cut your own hair
      16. Learn how to use mindfulness apps
      17. Take on expert level jigsaw puzzles
      18. Learn how to use social media apps such as Snapchat or House Party
      19. Learn how to do press ups
      20. Learn a coding / programming package like Scratch or Python
      21. Work out how to manage finances online
      22. Master painting/watercolours
      23. Learn to write a novel
      24. Learn how to upload YouTube videos
      25. Learn to colour in properly
      26. Learn how to run a small business
      27. Learn how to knit
      28. Learn to crochet
      29. Learn how to sew
      30. Learn how to make podcasts
      31. Learn how to play kid’s computer games
      32. Learn an online design / CAD package
      33. Learn higher maths
      34. Learn to type
      35. Learn to make cocktails / certain drinks
      36. Learn how to use a drill
      37. Learn to sing
      38. Plumbing
      39. Learn how to do keepie uppies
      40. Learn how to change a car tyre

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