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Cracking the office dress code

The Telegraph’s fashion director Lisa Armstrong wrote a fascinating piece on what she has learned about workwear style in this weekend’s edition of Stella magazine. In addition to detailing a few harsh truths about office fashion, she outlined several staples that work in any professional wardrobe.

Armstrong says matching prints that can also be worn separately are handy, as they can break up a boring suit and add a bit of character. However, they are easily recognisable and can get “stale”, so she warns people to use them sparingly.

For tops, Armstrong recommends statement sweaters, whether that’s a unique pattern or a flattering yet professional cut. She’s also a fan of lightweight capes that add definition to trousers and knitted tabards layered over tops, as well as shirt dresses and tunics, which offer a more trendy alternative to the typical fitted office dress.

Wide-leg trousers are coming back in style, while skinnies are starting to look dated, according to Armstrong. For casual offices, she says you can never go wrong with dark tailored denim, especially if it’s good quality. A-line, below-the-knee skirts are also a must.

Shoes might seem like the easy part, but Armstrong’s favourites include block heels, over-the-knee boots and flats, an “essential part of the relaxed-but-smart armoury”. The in-style coats include tailored coat-dresses and knitted coats.

Armstrong says: “Whatever you wear to the office, make it good, make it subtle. Details should be slyly eye-catching rather than conversation stoppers. Don’t turn the dial up too much. Think navy and greys, but also teal, burgundy, khaki, bottle green, chocolate and cream.”

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