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Do you have what it takes to join the Seven League team?

Saving the world. That was the vision of Seven League’s founder Richard Ayers. Isn’t that what every CEO says? Ok, so then his business partner and the company MD Neal McCleave helped make it a bit more business focused.

Bringing people together through using digital media to connect people with sport. Sounds a bit more achievable, doesn’t it?

What the Seven League company vision doesn’t say is that the company is having a lot of fun along the way of achieving the goal.

Ayers and McCleave are opposites who’ve been working together on and off for 17 years. “Put us together and you get a whole person” said McCleave. The two have formed a remarkable company that has steadily grown from Ayers’ one-man-band consulting business over the last six years. Now it’s 30 people in their office between Angel, Islington and trendy Dalston. The average age of the team is about 30 and so the social life is good for those who want it – for example, the monthly team nights out organised by a volunteer in the team that has included axe throwing, cocktail making, walking tours, mini golf, escape rooms and the traditional night in the pub.

Most of the team have been recruited from media backgrounds – Sony Music, Playstation, Turner, the BBC and twitter – which shows the company’s true nature. This is a media company that is using its group of digital experts to change sport… not a sport company…. And that’s what Ayers thinks is the secret of their success: “I barely know anything about football… but I know a fair bit about the media and how to connect to audiences and that’s what differentiates us. When I was recruiting one team member, she said ‘I don’t want to work somewhere where everyone wears tracksuits and talks about football all day!’ … and after she joined us she fell in love with the work and the people.”

The organic growth has been steady and strong, and at 30 people the company is moving into its next stage – bigger, better, more global. That’s why they need someone who can help the team focus more on their skills and become more efficient. The senior team need assistance but the whole office, as they grow, is going to need someone to rely on to help them accelerate.

The role advertised here on PA Life offers a particularly unique aspect. CEO Ayers is looking for someone who can be his right hand, or, in fact, both hands. That means that the position offers much more opportunity than most – being in the meetings with the world’s top sports organisations, learning the insides of the media and sport industries and building a unique set of skills by learning directly from both Richard and Neal.

They think it would be ideal for a graduate who wants to get on the inside, learning all the time, and is prepared to do everything outlined in the job description to get the job done.