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    Salaries are now at a four year high in the UK

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    Wales was the only region in the UK that saw advertised salaries decrease. Salaries are at an all-time high across the UK for the first time in four years, with employees in South West England reaping the rewards most. According to new data by job search engine Adzuna, the only UK region that did not […]

    5 tips when interviewing candidates remotely

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    With time being a luxury for most businesses, seeing every candidate when interviewing is not always an option. Here are five top tips to consider when interviewing remotely. Seeing every candidate when interviewing for a role is often unachievable and not a good use of time, which is precious in any business. Therefore, telephone or video interviews […]

    Bosses have ‘no idea’ what their staff do on a daily basis

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    How many time have you sat at your desk and thought to yourself, that no one really understands your job? Apparently, you aren’t the only one…   Bosses have ‘no idea’ what their staff do on a daily basis, according to a poll of employees. A poll of 2,000 working adults found around one in […]

    A quarter of employment growth since 2012 comes from zero hour contracts

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    UK workers on zero-hour contracts have more than tripled since 2012, climbing from 252,000 to 901,000 workers. The number of UK workers on zero-hour contracts has more than tripled since 2012, propping up overall employment levels by accounting for almost a quarter of overall employment growth, according to new data by job search engine Adzuna.co.uk. […]

    What motivates us to go to work?

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    We look at the top reasons that get us Brits motivated to get out of bed every morning and go to work. Satisfaction, being challenged and making a difference are among a list of benefits Brits believe they reap by going to work, according to a study. Millions of workers are coming home from the […]

    Do you have what it takes to join the Seven League team?

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    Saving the world. That was the vision of Seven League’s founder Richard Ayers. Isn’t that what every CEO says? Ok, so then his business partner and the company MD Neal McCleave helped make it a bit more business focused. Bringing people together through using digital media to connect people with sport. Sounds a bit more […]

    Writing a thank you note that will impress hiring managers

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    Penning a thank you note after a job interview can be the difference between landing your dream job and another candidate securing the position. Grace Carter, business writing expert at Academized and OXEssays, academic services, reveals how to write the perfect thank you note You’re walking out of an interview and feeling relieved. There’s nothing more to be […]

    Can you do a better job than your boss?

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    More than one third of Brits believe they could do a better job than their boss. According to new research of 2,000 employees, almost one in five admitted to hating their manager. Of those surveyed, two in five don’t think their superior is good at their role, one in ten believe they are ‘arrogant’ or […]

    Less than one in 10 Brits have secured their childhood dream job

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    Less than one in ten Brits have landed the job they dreamed of as a child, a study has revealed. A poll of 2,000 adults about their long-term aspirations also discovered that slightly more than one in ten have actually worked in their ideal job. Seven in ten believe you are never too old to […]

    What does your social media say about you?

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    How employable do you act online? For many, our digital lives are relaxed, casual, and shared among close friends, but how often do you think about who else is watching? New research from totaljobs has revealed that many of us don’t even consider our social media profiles when applying for a new job. Around one […]